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20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)
20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)

Get to know us


Jayden here – founder of Woodlark Garden Luxury, thanks so much for being here with us!

At Woodlark Garden Luxury, we are all about helping you to create the garden of your dreams, and most importantly create a space in which you can make wonderful memories with the people you love.

I fell in love with outdoor living during the Covid pandemic. Having an at risk mother meant the garden was the only place my family could spend time together, for well over a year.

That garden now holds some of the best memories with the people I love, and I want your garden to be exactly the same.

When we help a customer find their perfect pergola, I picture someone like my Dad – who’s just spent 4 hours preparing a BBQ extravaganza, only for the heavens to open 5 minutes before serving! It makes all of us at Woodlark Garden Luxury smile, to know that he now has a waterproof pergola and that even rain can’t stop him from proudly serving up a BBQ feast!

When a customer buys one of our fire tables, I picture them sat around it with the people they love, chatting and laughing long into the night – just like those time’s my family and I valued so highly during Covid, and still do!

At Woodlark Garden Luxury, we’ve been fortunate enough to serve fantastic brands, like the Hilton Hotel and Pets at Home – but we are far more proud to have a small part in people like you, spending quality time with their loved ones.

At the time of writing this, I got a text through earlier this week from a customer we’d helped to choose an outdoor kitchen…

“It’s arrived, it looks f-ing awesome, got the in laws coming for Easter and can’t wait!”

It’s fair to say that put a big grin on my face!

Myself and the entire fantastic team at Woodlark Garden Luxury make one promise to you, and that is to do everything we can to help you achieve the garden of your dreams.

Meanwhile our most important team member, Ronald (seen in the picture below), sits next to me at work every day. He promises to help motivate me and the team to be our best, by letting us rub his belly and feed him treats.

When you choose to shop with us at Woodlark Garden Luxury, you’re supporting me, my family, our wonderful team and most importantly, Ronald’s intense passion for treats – and we are all very grateful!

Woodlark Garden Luxury Dog