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20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)

Aluminium Pergolas

Manual Louvered Aluminium Pergolas

Pergola on a patio with sofa set

Electric Motorised Aluminium Pergolas

Electric Aluminium Pergola on a roof top

Best Overall Aluminium Pergola UK

Pergola on a patio with a fire table

The Widest Range Of Pergola Sizes On The Market

If the size you need isn't listed, get in touch, we will make it custom!

Stuart is loving his new aluminium pergola...

This Stuart, one of the many customers whose chosen to put one of our pergolas in his garden, and is delighted with the results. Check out the video, where Stuart shows you his new Rota Louvered Pergola! Looks amazing Stuart!

Find Your Perfect Aluminium Pergola

Mounted to the house

Aluminium Pergola Mounted To Back Of House

Freestanding pergolas

Pergola on a patio with sofa set

LED lighting and heating

Pergola on a roof top

Sliding glass doors

Glass sliding doors on an aluminium pergola

Enclosed by side blinds

Side blinds on an aluminium pergola

Get your free CAD design

Aluminium Pergola CAD design sketch

Our Full Range Of Aluminium Pergolas

  • Maze Grey Pergola With Sides
    Maze Maze Pergola - 3mx3m, 3mx4m, 4mx4m
    from £3,144.00
    2 colors available

    You are about to spend more time in your garden. Day or night, rain or shine - you’re going to want to be inside your Maze Pergola. Living and ent...

    View full details
    from £3,144.00
  • aluminium pergola 4x3 Studio Image
    Nova Outdoor Living Aluminium Pergola 4x3
    2 colors available

    Most Popular - The Nova Titan 4x3 Pergola: The Nova Titan is the top-selling aluminium pergola in the UK. Its widespread popularity is down to Nova...

    View full details

Our 3 Favourite Aluminium Pergolas

1. The Remanso Electric Motorised Pergola

Fully electric, LED Lighting, optional glass sliding doors

2. The Suns Lifestyle Alvaro Aluminium Pergola

The very best manual louvered aluminium pergola

3. The Suns Lifestyle Rota Louvered Pergola

The best option when looking for a quality unit on a budget

It's time to make your neighbours jealous, with your new aluminium pergola

You're going to make your garden the ultimate hosting environment, perfect for creating wonderful memories with the people you love. And we are so excited for you!

Once you've added your pergola, complete with louvered roof, you can enjoy your garden with the people you love - whatever the weather.

Just about to serve up a BBQ feast and the heavens open? No need to run inside, just adjust your roof to waterproof in seconds, and enjoy your meal!

Wind blowing a gale? Pull those side blinds down and create a cosy enclosure for you and your guests!

30 degree heat melting your guests, adjust those louvres for some welcome shade, and pour your next drink!

We are OBSESSED with aluminium pergolas, because we know they absolutely transform the way our customers spend time outdoors. They lead to you spending more high quality time with the people you love, in your garden - and that's what we are all about!

So, it's time to browse our fabulous collection, which happens the widest selection of aluminium pergolas on the UK market, so we've certainly got you covered. (pergola pun)

Find your perfect aluminium pergola fast

Aluminium Pergolas with Louvered Roof

Freestanding Aluminium Pergolas

Aluminium Pergolas with Sides

Wall Mounted Aluminium Pergolas

Aluminium Pergola Reviews

Aluminium Pergola with Louvered Roof UK

The louvered roof is the piste de resistance of the aluminium pergola, which is French for: instant garden transformation (loose translation).

All of our aluminium pergolas come complete with a bioclimatic, aluminium louvered roof. What on earth does bioclimatic mean you ask? Good question.

It refers to your louvered roof being a fully weatherproof system. Creating the perfect entertaining space, no matter what the British weather decides to do!

Your about to serve up a BBQ extravaganza, and of course you've just felt a few raindrops. I guess it's time to grab everything you can carry and head inside for a sad dining table meal, right? Absolutely not! It's merely time to close that louvered roof. In a matter of seconds, your pergola is waterproof, catching the rain and draining it out the base of the legs. None of the rain neds up inside the pergola, you and your guests stay dry, and you get to enjoy that meal you've slaved over, with no stress!

What about next weekend when it's 30 degrees and your guests are melting? Simply rotate those roof louvres to choose your perfect balance between sun and shade. Pour yourself another glass and enjoy being outside in your beautiful garden!

Want to catch some rays? The sleek stylish design of your roof louvres, also ensures sunlight can flood in when they are in the straight up position. Allowing you to bask in the sunshine underneath your pergola, time to catch a tan!

Sound like the dream? Below are three of our favourite models with a louvered roof...

Rota Louvered Aluminium Pergola

Most popular

The Suns Lifestyle Alvaro

The best quality

The Nova Titan

Best on a budget

Wall Mounted Aluminium Pergola

Looking to have your pergola mounted to the back of your house?

What a great way to create seamless indoor-outdoor living, with a perfect continuation from the back of your house, into your aluminium pergola, which is your prime entertaining space.

Why you'll them:

2.5m high offer clearance above all patio doors

Some or all legs can be removed on the wall side, making sure the connection between your house and pergola is seamless, with now windows or doors obstructed by legs

All of this customisation, without compromising your 5 year warranty!

Sound ideal...?

Shop the Suns Lifestyle Rota Louvered Pergola now, our very best wall mounted model.

Just want to see the full list of products?

Take me there

Aluminium pergola with sides

Sides are a fantastic way to customise your aluminium pergola, and have it perfectly suited to the style of living you want to achieve. All of our garden pergolas come with the option to add side blinds, and many also have the option for louvered sides, LED lighting and infrared heaters.

Want to entertain inside your pergola long into the night?

We've all been there. You've had a wonderful day, plenty of drinks, some exceptional BBQ food, but now the sun is going down, the temperature is dropping and so is the mood! Suddenly people are reaching for their coats rather than another glass of wine. But you and your guests aren't ready for this wonderful day to be over!

That's where your aluminium pergola comes in, complete with side blinds and maybe even some infrared heaters. In a matter of seconds, you've pulled the side blinds down, keeping out that cold breeze, and flicked on the infrared heaters, recreating the warmth the sunshine was offering earlier in the day.

Suddenly you're sat inside a lovely cosy enclosure. You and your guests can continue making memories long into the night!

Aluminium Pergola With Side Blinds

Create your fully weatherproof shelter with the Suns Lifestyle Rota Pergola

Aluminium Pergola With Louvres

Make a statement with louvered side walls, on the Suns Lifestyle Maranza Vented Gazebo

Aluminium Pergola With LED

Add ambiance in a unique way, with the Maze Pergola

Freestanding Aluminium Pergola

Want to create a brand new zone in your garden? Your new freestanding aluminium pergola can create the perfect environment for lounging, dining, cooking and more! They also look amazing over a hot tub!

Why you'll love it:

Say hello to your brand new garden room, how will you choose to enjoy it?

Can be fixed onto patio, grass, decking and more - just choose your position

Strong and sturdy, fully wind resistant all year round

It's time to give your garden a new lease of life! Creating a new zone that is perfectly set up for cooking, lounging or dining.

The ultimate cooking station - no need for Dad roast in the hot sun whilst cooking up a BBQ feast. Simply rotate the louvered roof of your pergola and shade that outdoor cooking area. You won't need that beer to stay cool anymore, but still crack it open anyway ;)

Why does it always start raining just as you serve the food? There's nothing more annoying, the table is set, the food is almost ready, certainly you start to feel raindrops and suddenly it's grab everything and move inside to avoid getting soaked. Not with your dining set up under your pergola. Simply adjust that roof to waterproof in a matter of seconds and carry on as you are!

Why not check out the Suns Lifestyle Maranza, our best freestanding option!

Want to learn more about garden pergolas?

Well then you're in the right place, we are the certified "pergola geeks" and we are here to help. The easiest way to learn more, is simply to speak to one of our experts - give us a call on 020 38358311.