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Find Your Perfect Aluminium Gazebo

Suns Lifestyle Maranza Vented Gazebo
Two Maranza Vented Gazebos on a patio

A best in class manual louvered aluminium pergola, from Suns Lifestyle, the industry leaders in manual louvered pergolas.

Deponti Bosco Aluminium Veranda / Gazebo
Deponti Aluminium Gazebo Veranda With Sliding Glass Doors

A perfect gazebo / garden room hybrid. Full polycarbonate roof and the option for glass doors all the way round.

Remanso Luxury Electric Louvered Gazebo
Remanso Electric Motorised Gazebo on a patio

A motorised electric louvered roof, electric side blinds or glass doors, in built LED lighting. The Remanso is best in class!

Aluminium Gazebos UK

You're on your way to transforming your garden into the ultimate entertaining space, perfect for creating unforgettable moments with your loved ones. And we're thrilled for you!

Once you've installed your gazebo, perhaps featuring a louvered roof with some adjustable sides, you can relish your garden time with your favourite people, regardless of the weather.

About to serve a BBQ feast and it starts raining? No worries, just tweak your roof to be waterproof in seconds, and enjoy your meal!

Is the wind howling? Lower those side blinds or slide closed those glass sides and create a snug haven for you and your guests!

When the sun is beating down and melting your guests. Adjust those louvres for some soothing shade, and get ready for your next round of drinks!

We absolutely love aluminium gazebos, because they revolutionise the way our customers enjoy the outdoors. They encourage you to spend more precious moments with the people you love, right in your garden - and that's what we are all about!

So, it's time to explore our wonderful range, boasting the largest selection of aluminium gazebos in the UK market, so rest assured, we've got you covered. (gazebo pun)

7m Aluminium Gazebo on the back of a house

I just want to see the full range of products!

Looking for an aluminium gazebo with a louvered roof?

Electric Motorised Louvered Roof

What could possibly top a louvered roof made entirely of aluminum? The answer is straightforward: A louvered roof that's fully automated!

Enter the Remanso Pergola, boasting a bioclimatic roof with aluminum louvers. Curious about the term 'bioclimatic'? Here's the scoop:

Your louvered roof is designed to be an all-weather, resilient system, ideal for any outdoor gathering, regardless of the weather.

Imagine this scenario: you're setting up for a barbecue bash and suddenly, it starts to drizzle. Usually, this would mean a rushed move inside for a less-than-ideal dinner at your dining table. But that's a thing of the past! Equipped with a rain sensor, your Remanso pergola swiftly transforms into a waterproof sanctuary as soon as it detects rain, funnelling the water away with its built-in drainage. The rain is kept at bay, your guests stay comfortably dry, and your meticulously planned feast goes off without a hitch.

And on those scorching days where the mercury hits 30 degrees and your guests crave a cool refuge? Simply tweak the louvre settings on the roof to strike the perfect balance between sun and shade. The ambiance remains delightfully cool - hopefully, your wine is too!

Gazebo on a roof top with seating and lighting

Manually Adjusted Louvered Roof

Now, if you want all of the fabulous benefits above, with something that is a little easier on the budget, a manual louvered roof is a great solution. Sure when you want to adjust your pergola to make it the perfect environment whatever the weather, you do need to hop up and spend a few seconds adjusting it manually.

But... the benefit of being able to entertain in and enjoy your garden whatever the weather stays the same, and generally manual pergolas come with greater warranties, as simply there is a little more that can go wrong with a motorised electric louvered roof, compared with a manual.

The Suns Lifestyle Alvaro, is the overall best manual louvered gazebo on the market, and there Maranza model is a great option too!

Close up of a louvered roof gazebo winding mechanism

Aluminium Gazebos with Sides

Aluminium gazebos with sides are a fantastic option for those seeking the ultimate all weather entertaining space, and looking for a bit more privacy too.

When it comes to the side walls of these gazebos, there is a wide range of options available. The core options are these:

Gazebo side options:

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Electric side blinds
  • Manual side blinds
  • Aluminium louvered vented sides
  • Solid wall panels
Glass sliding doors between aluminium gazebo legs

Our Gazebo Sides

We have all of these optional sides, to fit every shape and size of gazebo, so we can always create the perfect set up for you.

Sides are a fantastic way to customise your aluminium pergola, and have it perfectly suited to the style of living you want to achieve. All of our garden pergolas come with the option to add side blinds, and many also have the option for louvered sides, LED lighting and infrared heaters.

  • Want to entertain inside your pergola long into the night?

We've all been there. You've had a wonderful day, plenty of drinks, some exceptional BBQ food, but now the sun is going down, the temperature is dropping and so is the mood! Suddenly people are reaching for their coats rather than another glass of wine. But you and your guests aren't ready for this wonderful day to be over!

This is where your side blinds or glass doors come in, maybe in partnership with some infrared heaters. In a matter of seconds, you've moved the side blinds down or slid closed those glass doors, keeping out that cold breeze, and flicked on the infrared heaters, recreating the warmth the sunshine was offering earlier in the day.

Suddenly you're sat inside a perfect cosy enclosure. You and your guests can continue making memories long into the night!

Gazebo with blinds on the side

Consider LED Lights

Let's face it, there is a certain ambiance to LED lighting that you can't beat. When creating a sexy outdoor space, that finishing touch of LED lighting is a no brainer.

Integrated LED lights are becoming standard on most of our models now, and the lighting profile sunken into the aluminium frame looks so classy!

Pergola on a roof top lit with LED lighting

Aluminium Gazebo with polycarbonate roof

Aluminum gazebos with polycarbonate roofs are not our favourite, but they do have their place.

They are very budget friendly, they ensure a fantastic amount of natural light into the back of your house, and they do create a well sheltered zone, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor space with ample shade, and wind protection.

They also allow you to create a watertight space, if combined with glass sides for example. A 100% 'watertight' space isn't something that can be achieved with a louvered roof, which is usually not a problem. But if you're looking to put indoor furniture inside your gazebo, almost garden room style, the solid polycarbonate roof is a good option.

Polycarbonate is a remarkably resilient material, known for its impact strength and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Unlike traditional glass roofs, polycarbonate is shatter-resistant, significantly reducing the risk of breakage and ensuring safety during use.

If you're looking for a gazebo and conservatory/garden room hybrid, a polycarbonate roof is a great option.

The reason they aren't our favourite, is that in most cases, we do prefer a louvered roof. We want your gazebo to be the entertainment and enjoyment hub of your garden. And for most customers, that also means being able to bask in the sun sometimes. Sure shade is important, as is the protection from wind and rain, and you'll certainly get the warmth from the sun through your polycarbonate roof, but sometimes you just want to open that roof up, and let the suns rays flood in.

Gazebo with a clear roof in a garden

The Aluminium Frame

What to look for...

The Size of the Leg Profile

You want a nice thick leg profile, giving your aluminium gazebo a high quality, robust appearance

Aluminium Pergola close up of roof

The Footplates

Any aluminium gazebo worth its salt will have a proper footplate, whether internal or external, to hide those installation fixings

Gazebo fixed into concrete

The Louvre Blades

  • You want nice big louvre blades, with as much rotation as possible. The bigger the louvres blades, the more sunlight you can allow into your pergola and the back of your house
  • Greater rotation means greater flexibility. You ideally want around 140 degrees of rotation
Aluminium Gazebo Louvre Blades Close Up

The Aluminium Frame Finish

  • It sounds petty, but this makes such a difference. Exposed fixings are an absolute no no, they cheapen the look so heavily
  • Squared edges are a great touch, it depends slightly on your preference but in my opinion the luxury finish is squared edges for sure!
Aluminium Louvered Deponti Gazebo Side ON

How to Install your Gazebo

Installing your aluminium gazebo on a decking

For mounting each leg of your aluminum gazebo on decking, there are several reliable methods for establishing a strong foundation. Decking typically necessitates support joists beneath the boards, providing a sturdy base to attach the legs of your aluminum gazebo.

As with patios, if you're constructing new decking, make sure to provide your landscaper with the floorplan of your selected gazebo model. They can then guarantee that either joists or concrete pads are positioned beneath where the gazebo legs will be, setting the stage for a successful installation!

Installing your aluminium gazebo on a patio

Patios are a favoured spot for setting up aluminum gazebos, and the process is pleasantly straightforward.

When mounting a gazebo on a patio, the main concern is ensuring a robust foundation beneath where the gazebo legs will be anchored.

If you're laying out a new patio, pass along the floorplan of your selected aluminum gazebo (which we can supply) to your landscaper. They'll make sure to prepare sturdy foundations (typically concrete pads) right under where the gazebo legs will stand. These concrete pads are usually about 40cm x 40cm x 40cm in size.

After the concrete pads are set, the installer can secure the gazebo by drilling through the patio stone straight into the foundation, ensuring your aluminum gazebo is firmly fixed in place. Each of our gazebos comes with a footplate cover to neatly hide all fixings into the patio, creating a sleek, integrated look.

For any additional advice on fixing your aluminum gazebo, we're always here to help, tailored to your specific situation. A frequent inquiry concerns attaching gazebos to porcelain tiles. In such instances, we advise using a diamond drill bit to prevent any potential cracking.

Glass Front Retractable Roof Gazebo

Want to learn more about installation?

Feel free to give us a call (020 3835 8311) and we can walk you through it, or head to our in depth article for details on how to install and aluminium pergola.

Customising your Gazebo Aluminium

The aluminium powder coating colour

The colour of your gazebo is important right? This is going to define the aesthetic of the back of your house, in a brilliant way - but the colour needs to be right.

The colours we currently offer are:

  • True Black
  • Anthracite/Charcoal Grey
  • White
  • Cream

We can provide aluminium RAL codes for all of our finishes. We will often help our customers match their gazebo colour to windows, doors, furniture and more - let's help you create that perfect back of house, we can even create CAD renders of how the space is going to look! Reach out to us!

020 3835 8311

Aluminium frame colour options close ups

Our Full Aluminium Gazebo Range

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Permanent Aluminium Gazebo

A permanent aluminium gazebo is the ultimate addition to your outdoor space. If you're someone who loves hosting gatherings or just enjoys spending time outdoors, this type of gazebo is a worthwhile investment. Unlike temporary gazebos that you might set up for a specific event, a permanent aluminium gazebo is designed to stay put year-round. 

One of the best things about a permanent aluminium gazebo is its durability. Made from high-quality materials, these gazebos are built to withstand the elements and last for years to come, when installed correctly.

Whether it's heavy rain, strong winds, or scorching sun, you can trust that your gazebo will continue to look fantastic, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Any aluminium gazebo worth having (and any that we sell), comes with a high grade aluminium frame, with a powder coating, ensuring your gazebo never suffers from rusting, fading or anything else that might

Many models come with optional side screens or walls which can e flexibly adjusted based on your requirements. They are incredibly easy to adjust

When it comes to price, permanent aluminium gazebos tend to be pricier than their temporary counterparts due to their premium construction and durability. However, considering the length of time they'll last and the enjoyment they'll bring over many years, they are well worth the investment. 

In terms of installation, setting up a permanent aluminium gazebo usually requires more effort compared to a temporary one. While it may not be as easy as popping open a canopy on a Saturday afternoon before your barbecue party starts, it's definitely manageable with some help and following the provided instructions. 

If you're unsure about which model would be ideal for your space or if you have any specific requirements in mind, there are plenty of retailers who specialize in outdoor products that can assist you in finding the perfect fit for your needs. Additionally, availability may vary depending on where you live and which retailer you choose; therefore it's recommended to check online or visit stores nearby. 

Opting for a permanent aluminium gazebo is a smart choice for those who are serious about outdoor entertaining and desire a durable, reliable structure. The ability to enjoy your outdoor space year-round and the added versatility of optional screens make these gazebos an attractive option. 

While the initial price might be higher compared to temporary gazebos, the investment pays off in the long run. So, if you're ready to upgrade your outdoor living experience, consider a permanent aluminium gazebo – it will transform your space into an inviting oasis that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Heavy Duty Aluminium Gazebos

When it comes to outdoor shelters, heavy duty aluminum gazebos stand out as a popular choice for their durability, versatility, and ease of use. Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, these gazebos provide ample protection from the sun's rays, rain, and wind, making them ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.

Whilst a pop up gazebo has its place, it isn't on your patio. If you need something portable, to take with you to events etc. pop up gazebos are perfect.

But when it comes to creating an all weather entertaining space in your garden, perfect for shading, and wind and rain protection - invest in a high quality, well built, heavy duty gazebo.