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20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)
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EcoSmart Chaser 38 Fire Pit Table

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The EcoSmart Chaser 38 Fire Table, the statement piece your outdoor entertaining space is missing

Brand new into the EcoSmart range for 2023, and highly anticipated – the Chaser 38 has not disappointed. A bold design, with a stunning finish you can’t help but run your hand over it, the EcoSmart Chaser 38 is not just going to be the centre for your outdoor entertaining, but a sculpture, adding beauty and interest to your outdoor space.

Free gifts with your Chaser 38 Fire Table

The free gifts to go with your EcoSmart Fire Chaser 38, can be selected in the "free gifts and optional accessories section" above the add to cart button, but we will send them either way!

1x EcoSmart Fire Chaser 38 Fire Pit Protective Cover worth £145

 EcoSmart Fire Chaser 38 Protective Cover

1x 40L of e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel for your Chaser 38 worth £130

 EcoSmart Fire Chaser 38 eNRG Bioethanol Fuel

Why you’ll love the EcoSmart Chaser 38 Fire Table

The finest flame on the market

If you’re choosing EcoSmart, its because you’re choosing the very best when it comes to an outdoor fire pit or table. And so you should! With the advance in bioethanol flames, there’s simply no excuse to compromise anymore.

EcoSmart believe that your guests should be able to enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a real dancing outdoor flame, without having to suffer the displeasure of smoke-stung eyes. They believe that your guests should leave the night with nothing but fabulous memories, and not with a hole singed in their favourite item of clothing, immediately flung into the wash to remove the pungent smell of the fire.

So the EcoSmart Chaser 38 Fire Pit, sits with a bioethanol flame at its centre. A truly clean burning fire, producing all the heat and ambiance, with none of the nasty byproducts like soot, smoke or ash.

It’s the uncompromising epitome of luxury and it is the only smart choice!

EcoSmart Fire Chaser 38 Fire Table Lifestyle

Nothing will stop you having a great time, certainly not the cold!

The EcoSmart Fire Chaser 38 gives off a very significant 20,433 BTU of heat, ensuring that even with the largest group gathered around it, every single one of your guests is warmed through.

The EcoSmart Chaser 38 is going to be at the centre of some of your most wonderful memories with your loved ones. You can’t have those evenings cut short by the cold, and the Chaser 38 makes absolute certain of that.

An exceptional sculpted finish

It’s not enough simply for the Chaser 38’s bioethanol flame to be the finest in luxury outdoor living, the structure itself has been created to drop jaws too.

Utilising EcoSmart’s trademark fluid concrete technology, the finish on the Chaser 38 is of a whole new level. Every one of your guests is going to run their hand over it and ask you where you got it, and that’s absolutely fine. In fact they can run their glass or plate over it too, because with the Chaser 38, durability comes along with its beauty.

Your EcoSmart Chaser 38 Fire Pit has been designed to be admired and enjoyed in equal measure, and it will continue to look 10/10 after every drop and spill that comes along with great evenings!

EcoSmart Fire Chaser 38 Indoor

The EcoSmart Chaser 38 Dimensions

L 950mm

W 950mm

H 509mm

It’s going to arrive with everything you need!

On the day your EcoSmart Chaser 38 is due to arrive, you’re going to be full to the brim with excitement. The last thing we want is any boring practicalities to get in the way of all that joy. So, we are sending your EcoSmart Chaser 38 with absolutely everything you need to enjoy it.

You’ll receive every tool and accessory that you’ll use to fill, ignite and extinguish your Chaser 38 Fire Pit along with it – at no extra cost. Want to know how to fill and light your Chaser 38 Fire Pit? Checkout the videos at the bottom of the page!

You’ll also receive a EcoSmart Chaser 38 Protective cover and 40L of eNRG, the very best bioethanol fuel – absolutely free.

So all that is left is to hit the “add to cart” button near the top of the page and we’ll get yours shipped out to you asap!


EcoSmart Fire Chaser 38 Product Specifications

EcoSmart Chaser 38 Instruction Manual and Specs

EcoSmart Fire Chaser 38 Fire Pit Table Specifications

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