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20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)
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EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 - Low, Chat or Dining Fire Table

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The EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 Fire Table, get ready to see your guest’s jaws on the floor!

The Gin 90 Fire Table is the flagship of the EcoSmart Fire range, and rightfully so. Truly one of the best pieces of outdoor furniture on the market, it will create instant luxury and ambiance in your outdoor space.

Some of your best memories with the people you love are going to be created around your Gin 90 Fire Table.

The Gin 90 Fire Table - the epitome of luxury outdoor living

You’ll find a Gin 90 Fire Table in some of the best venues in the world, from world-class restaurants to luxury hotels.

There is a reason. It is a truly exquisite piece that elevates even the most exceptional of spaces.

And the great news?

You can bring that same level of class and ambiance into your own home.

Treat yourself and your guests to the 7* experience in your garden… you deserve it and I promise you’ll never go back.

Free gifts with this purchase with your EcoSmart Gin 90

The free gifts to go with your Gin 90 can be selected in the "free gifts and optional accessories section" above the add to cart button, but we will send them either way!

1x Gin 90 Protective Cover worth £260

EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 Protective Cover 

40L of e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel worth £130 (enough for 160 hours of burning time) for your Gin 90

 EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 eNRG Bioethanol Fuel

Why you’ll love the EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 Fire Table

A flame that stirs emotion

Fire has a natural beauty that transfixes us. It effortlessly adds drama, elegance, and ambiance all at the same time.

At the heart of the Gin 90 is a stunning 22 inch flame that feels like it goes forever. We challenge you to be in the presence of the Gin 90, burning in its full glory without having your emotions stirred.

An exceptional sculpted finish

Finished in EcoSmart’s trademark fluid concrete, the Gin 90 is 2.4 metres of pure beauty. It’s one of those surfaces that you can’t resist just running your hand over, it’s irresistibly tactile.

You’re going to struggle to bring yourself to set down a glass of wine or a charcuterie platter on the tabletop, but you needn’t worry.

Your Gin 90 Fire Table is there to be enjoyed and the fluid concrete is designed to be as robust as it is stunning. Lay out your nibbles and a few condensating bottles. Pour, spill, and do everything that comes with having a wonderful evening outdoors with the people you love.

Your Gin 90 is ready for it and will still be looking just as good in the morning (we cannot promise this for your guests!)

EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 Chat Bioethanol Fire Table


A truly clean burning flame, because smoke burning your eyes doesn’t make for a good time

If you’re looking for the very best fire table experience, bioethanol is the only option. Bioethanol is a fuel source for your fire table, just like burning gas or wood – but with a difference. It’s a completely clean burning fuel source, and produces absolutely no unpleasant byproducts like smoke, soot or ash.

Say goodbye to battling through stinging eyes, assaulted by the smoke of a wood-burning flame.

Forget the mad dash to grab a new gas canister before a day of hosting, you’ve got the 40L of free fuel we sent you in the garage!

Stop finding singe marks in your favourite shirt or summer dress, there’s no ash or embers with your bioethanol flame.

In short, don’t compromise. Enjoy all the warmth and beauty of a real flame, without any of the unpleasantness!

The night ends when you’re finished making wonderful memories

The sun has set, and the temperature is dropping, but you and your guests have only just started having a fantastic night.

As the host, you want your guests reaching for another glass of wine, not a jumper. And you certainly don’t want to hear suggestions of moving inside!

Don’t worry, your Gin 90 gives out a huge 9kW of heat, plenty to keep even the largest group warm. Your guests won’t even notice the cold - play on!

EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 Natural Concrete

We want you to focus on enjoying it, so we’re sending it with everything you need!

The day your Gin 90 Fire Table arrives is going to be full of excitement, and that day could be in a couple of weeks if you order today!

We don’t want you worrying whether you’ve got everything you need; we want you gleefully unboxing your new toy and preparing to fire it up!

So, we’ve included absolutely everything you’ll need to love your Gin 90 Fire Table. From 40L of free fuel, a free protective cover to keep you safe and every accessory to fill, light and extinguish your burner.


Whatever your space needs, we’ve got the perfect Gin 90 for it!

The Gin 90 Low:

Dimensions: L 2272mm x W 1098mm x H 345mm

The same extensive table top space, for drinks and snacks aplenty. But a lower, sleek profile. Great for adding beauty and drama to your outdoor seating area.

The Gin 90 Chat:

Dimensions: L 2272mm x W 1098mm x H 595mm

The perfect height for lounging by the fire with the people you love. The perfect foundation for an evening chatting away with the people you love, its the perfect height for you to place down your glass of wine whilst you help yourself to a nibble.

The Gin 90 Dining:

Dimensions: L 2272mm x W 1098mm x H 595mm

The setting that your bbq feast deserves. You and your guests won't eat a meal off a better table I assure you of that!

Even after it has arrived, we’ll be here:

We know that your Gin 90 is going to transform the way you spend time in your garden, and we are here to help you with that, even after your fire table arrives.

Filling your burner for the first time and would like a bit of extra guidance? Give us a call!

Want a walkthrough on how to throttle your flames up and down to generate the perfect temperature? Get in touch!

It’s time to give you, your garden, and the people you love to share it with, the very best. Use the “add to cart” button at the top of the page to secure your Gin 90 Fire Table now, and start making lifelong memories in your garden asap!

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