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20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)
20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)
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EcoSmart Fire Pod 30 and Pod 40

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The EcoSmart Fire Pod 30 or 40, an elongated fire bowl, ready to sit at the centre of wonderful evenings!

The Pod is EcoSmart’s innovation on the classic fire bowl, taking everything customers and designers love about a curvaceous fire bowl, and elevating it to the very pinnacle of luxury outdoor living.

The pod is designed as the ideal centrepiece, around which you can gather the people you love and make wonderful memories, delighted by the warmth and ambiance of a real flame at its heart.

Free gifts with your EcoSmart Fire Pod 30 or 40 Fire Pit Table

The free gifts to go with your EcoSmart Pod 30 and 40 can be selected in the "free gifts and optional accessories section" above the add to cart button, but we will send them either way!

1x EcoSmart Fire Pod 30 cover worth £105, or 1x Pod 40 cover worth £145

 EcoSmart Fire Pod 40 Fire Pit Protective Cover

1x 40L of e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel worth £130 (enough for 160 hours of burning time) to go with your EcoSmart Fire Pod 30 or 40

EcoSmart Fire Pod 30 Fire Pit eNRG Bioethanol Fuel

Why you’ll love the EcoSmart Pod Fire Pit Table

The very best outdoor flame

The perfect outdoor entertainment setting isn’t complete until it has a real flame at its heart. And when it comes to adding a fire pit to your outdoor space, why compromise?

A bioethanol flame is the undeniable premium solution when it comes to an outdoor fire. Nothing spoils an evening like your guests’ eyes stinging and weeping from the irritation of smoke. And there is certainly nothing luxury about your favourite garment now carrying a pungent smell, with an ash singe in the sleeve. So why settle for a wood or gas fire pit?

With the clean burning bioethanol flame within an EcoSmart Fire, you get all the warmth and beauty of a real flame, with absolutely none of the unpliant biproducts like smoke, soot, and ash. So absolutely nothing stands between you and a great time.

Not to mention, you can do away with that ugly gas canister, creating an eye sore on your patio. And you can also forget the mad dash to refill it on the morning of your BBQ – because you’ve got the 40L of free fuel we sent you in the garage, ready to refill your burner with ease!


EcoSmart Fire Pod 30 Bone Beach


The night ends when you’re finished making memories

When the sun sets on a fantastic day hosting the people you love in your garden, you don’t want to see people reaching for their jackets, or worse their keys! You want your guests to remain toasty and warm long after the sun goes down, and that’s when you ignite your EcoSmart Pod Fire Pit.

The Pod 40 will give off over 20,000 BTU and comfortably heat a large outdoor area, so every single one of your guests will be warmed through and able to enjoy their evening long into the night!

An exceptional sculpted finish

When it comes to adding a fire pit to your outdoor space, the finish is key. A luxury fire pit should be a sculpture and that’s exactly what EcoSmart have created.

The Pod, like all EcoSmart Fires, benefits from a stunning fluid concrete finish, creating a beautiful surface that you and your guests won’t be able to resist running your hands over.

And beauty hasn’t come at the compromise of practicality, your EcoSmart Pod Fire Pit has been built to be enjoyed. Feel free to set down bottles, glasses, charcuterie and whatever else you might like on the surface of your fire pit, it will still be looking 10/10 in the morning (we can’t promise this for your guests!)

EcoSmart Fire Pod 40 Bone With Windshield


It’s going to arrive with everything you need!

When you’re EcoSmart Pod Fire Pit Table arrives, you’re going to be very excited. And we just want you to focus on the enjoyment!

So we’ll be sending absolutely everything you need to light, fill and extinguish your fire pit along with it, at no extra cost.

Along with a free protective cover worth over £100 and 40L of free eNRG, the very finest bioethanol fuel.

So relax and get ready to enjoy! Hit the “add to cart” button near the top of the page and we’ll get yours delivered in the next few weeks! 

How to Fill Your EcoSmart Fire:

How to start (light) your EcoSmart Fire:

EcoSmart Fire Pit Instructions - Pod 30 and 40:

EcoSmart Fire Pit Instructions

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