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20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)
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The EcoSmart Fire XL 900 Ethanol Burner (XL500 - XL1200)

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It is time to give your setting the luxury finish, with all the class and ambiance that comes with a real elongated flame. A fireplace insert that brings all of the luxury with none of the hassle, ready to drop into your custom setting, with no flue or ventilation required.

No luxury living space is truly complete without a real flame. It elevates a space with warmth, ambiance, and class all at once, transforming it into a truly aspirational haven. With the XL900 ethanol burner, inserting that touch of class to your custom setting could not be easier. With no need to consider a ventilation like a flue, you can simply focus on creating your dream look, and allow the burner to transform your design.

How the XL900 (or any of the XL burner series) is going to transform your space

The XL900 is fuelled by e-NRG, the best and purest bioethanol fuel available. When burning your bioethanol fuel, no biproducts like smoke or soot are produced, and so unlike with a wood or gas fire, you won’t need a flue, chimney, or other ventilation system - whilst still enjoying an entirely real flame, and all the mesmerising beauty and comfort it brings.

No gas engineer, no chimney cleaning, not even mains power is required – it really couldn’t be easier to achieve your dream look with the EcoSmart Fire XL900 burner.

Simply place your ethanol burner insert into your setting of choice, pour in your fuel and get ready to curl up by the fire.

EcoSmart XL500 Ethanol Burner With Dimensions

Benefits of the XL900 ethanol burner (and the whole XL burner series)

Multiple sizes, to suit your setting

The XL ethanol burner series comes in a variety of sizes, from the XL500 burner (553mm in length) through to the XL1200 (1253mm in length), we’ve got every setting covered. If one burner isn’t a perfect fit for your design, we can combine multiple – to achieve exactly the look you’re after

The available sizes are:

XL500 Ethanol Burner (553mm x 248mm x 124mm)

XL700 Ethanol Burner (753mm x 248mm x 124mm)

Xl900 Ethanol Burner (961mm x 248mm x 124mm)

Xl1200 Ethanol Burner (1253mm x 248mm x 124mm)

A high heat output, to heat your entire space

The XL900 gives out a very significant 4.4kW of heat, plenty to comfortably heat a 260 square foot space and more. Ensuring you and your guests feel the cosy warmth of a real fire

No chimney, flue or ventilation required

A truly clean burning fire, running on e-NRG, the purest and best bioethanol fuel available. No need for a chimney or a flue, no odour, no smoke or ash – just pure hassle-free beauty

EcoSmart XL1200 Ethanol Burner Lifestyle Image


Your XL900 installation

Simply insert your bioethanol burner kit into your setting of choice, fill the burner with fuel, light it and enjoy your beautiful, elongated flame

No contribution to your gas or heating bills

A bioethanol fire requires no gas or power supply, the only associated running cost is the bioethanol fuel. The free 40L of bioethanol fuel we send with your order will last you around 120-160 hours of burning time

Add the plasma screen for peace of mind

The plasma screen allows you to enjoy all the heat and beauty of the flame, with added peace of mind. Particularly if you have any young or heavy pawed family or friends about! Our plasma screen can be added to your order just under the "add to cart" button

Our after-care programme for the XL Series Ethanol Burners:

Our job is to help you create the living and entertaining space of your dreams, and we know that our XL ethanol burners will do exactly that. That’s why our job isn’t just to ensure you get the perfect burner for you, but to be there 7 days a week after it arrives, to ensure you get the most out of all the wonderful things it has to offer.

Would you like us to walk you through lighting the burner for the first time? Give us a call!

Have a question about adjusting the temperature? Get in touch!

Remember, in the unlikely event that you don’t love it, we take all the hassle out of returns, handling all the logistics and covering the return shipping costs. (For more detail see our returns policy in the footer)

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the “add to cart” button at the top of the page, and we will quickly deliver your new EcoSmart Fire XL Burner and transform your space, into a warm, cosy, dream!


EcoSmart XL500 Ethanol Burner Manual and Specifications

XL500 Specifications

EcoSmart XL700 Ethanol Burner Manual and Specifications

XL700 Specifications

EcoSmart XL900 Ethanol Burner Manual and Specifications

XL900 Specifications

EcoSmart XL1200 Ethanol Burner Manual and Specifications

Xl1200 Specifications

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