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20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)
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EcoSmart Fire Martini 50 Fire Pit Table

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The Martini 50 Fire Pit Table, by EcoSmart Fire. Striking the perfect balance, the Martini 50 is the perfect size and shape for those looking for an unobtrusive, subtle, yet refined outdoor Fire Pit Table feature. 

The best memories start at home. So grab a drink, grab a chair, and start sharing stories of your day around this Martini 50 Fire Pit Table. Delighting in the laughter that surrounds it, the dancing orange flame will create an all encompassing feeling of warmth and cosiness day and night.  

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1x Martini 50 Fire Pit Table Cover worth £145

 Martini 50 Fire Pit Table EcoSmart Fire Pit Table Cover

40L of e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel for your Martini 50 Fire Pit Table worth £130 (enough for 160 hours of burning time)

Martini 50 Fire Pit Table eNRG Bioethanol Fuel

How the Martini 50 Fire Pit Table Delivers Your Outdoor Living Dreams:

We’re all looking to add a bit of luxury to our lives, and EcoSmart's Martini 50 Bioethanol Fire Pit Table boasts charm, modern character and an inviting sunken circular flame for your friends and family to gather around every evening to make those special memories.

Its striking design is elegant and modern, but of course like all EcoSmart Fire Tables is wonderfully practical. It’s robust fluid-concrete table top creates the perfect ledge for nibbles and drinks to elevate your outdoor social area. 

Martini 50 Fire Pit Table Graphite

Benefits of the Martini 50 Fire Pit Table, an EcoSmart Fire Table:

A timeless material that oozes luxury

EcoSmart’s Fluid-concrete really is top of the range when it comes to bioethanol fire pit tables. The expensive and luxurious look and feel of this Martini 50 Fire Pit Table is only one of its amazing selling points. 

This fluid-concrete, which comes in three different shades - Natural, Graphite or Bone is 100% weatherproof. UV and water resistant, fluid-concrete makes your EcoSmart Fire Pit  a timeless feature for your outdoor living space. 

Incredibly robust, EcoSmart’s outdoor Fire Pit Tables are not only amazing to look at and experience, but also a true pleasure to use. Designed to withstand the elements, this material is scratch proof! Meaning you can leave it uncovered, but also place all those glasses, bowls and plates down on the table whilst you enjoy your day or evening gathered around your Martini 50. 

If you’re looking for a slightly more out-there design,  this Martini 50 Fire Table also comes finished in a stunning palette-style teak wood. Often referred to as top of the range for outdoor wood finishes, teak is known for its modern and chic appearance, but also its incredible durability. Made with natural oil, teak repels water ensuring no warping or cracking. 

Martini 50 Fire Pit Table Lifestyle

Bioethanol fuel.. why there really is no other option 

All EcoSmart fire tables, including this sensational Martini 50 design use bioethanol fuel, rather than gas or wood. This fully gasless fire pit, brings all the warmth and beauty of a real flame, with none of the negatives!

Gone are the days of changing or replenishing the ugly looking gas canister, or having to persistently wash the smell of smoke from the wood burning flames out of your clothes and hair. Bioethanol fuel is a clean burning fuel that is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful byproducts. With no smoke, and no gas, bioethanol fuel is the future.

You can even use it indoors! The Martini 50 is perfect for your garden, whilst also leading the pack when it comes to indoor fire pit tables.

The safety of Bioethanol fuel and EcoSmart Fire Pit Tables

With safety being the number one concern around Fire Pits and Tables, EcoSmarts range is designed with safety at its core. With the bioethanol fuel sitting only in the reservoir of this stunning and unobtrusive EcoSmart Martini 50, the flames remain dry. This means that should anything - an item of clothing, furniture, or heaven forbid a heavy-footed furry friend accidentally reach the burning flames, they will not catch fire, instead it would cause the flames to extinguish.  

EcoSmart’s Fire Table flames are so safe, their tables are permitted inside as well as outside and pass all building regulations and safety guidelines for home insurance - if you're looking for the complete bio ethanol fire coffee table, the Martini 50 is perfect for you.

So safe they can't be real flames? Quite the opposite…

Designed to perfection, this EcoSmart Martini 50 Fire Table boasts impressive flames that burn for 8-13 hours after lighting. With its circular fire base, the Martini 50 heats a 60 metres squared area. Generating more than enough warmth for 10 people. 

The Martini 50 gets up to full warmth 1-2 minutes after lighting, with its flames thriving and creating the perfect ambiance for you and your guests for as long as you wish. 

Martini 50 Fire Pit Table Bioethanol Burning

Here today, there tomorrow? Never rooted to one spot, move your Martini 50 as you wish 

All EcoSmart Fire Tables are designed with the end-user in mind, and we know that having a fire table you can move around is key. This Martini 50 can be lifted, shifted and placed wherever you need it to make your days or nights special. The centre of attention, or blending into the background, the Martini 50 is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space.

Start making memories around your beautiful fire table today, use the "add to cart" button at the top of the page, and secure yours for fast delivery! 


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Martini 50 Fire Pit Table - EcoSmart Fire - Model Specifications:

Martini 50 Fire Pit Table by EcoSmart Fire Specifications and Manual

 Martini 50 Fire Pit Table Specifications

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