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Maze Oxford Corner Dining Set

by Maze

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Maze Oxford Corner Dining Set
Sofa Shape

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Maze Oxford Corner Dining Set - The ultimate in outdoor dining, this product range is dominating the luxury outdoor living space.

The warm breeze of a July day. Birds chirping. The smell of suncream surrounds you. The sound of the cork popping out of a bottle as you nestle coronas and wine into a bucket of ice….

You’ve had the most amazing day. You’ve laughed, told stories, soaked in the sun, eaten delicious food, and enjoyed cold drinks with complete ease. Never having to get up and head inside to the fridge.

It’s getting cooler as the sun heads behind the trees and lowers to its bed. But your night isn’t over. 

You reach down, and switch on your fire table. You remain gathered together. The laughing goes on, the stories remain, and new memories are created. 


This stunning Maze Outdoor Living Product range accommodates all styles and comes in several different variations, all with their unique benefit to you. 


The Oxford Corner and Standard Seating Rattan with Ice Bucket and Rising Table: 

This corner rattan sofa set, which can either be left or right cornered, comes with three accompanying stools and cushions, to surround the remaining sides of the rising table. 

This corner sofa provides a classic L-shape, with the long side L244cm and the short side L183cm - recommended footprint 3.2m x 2.2m

Left Cornered Sofa - H85cm x W183cm x D72cm 

Right Cornered Sofa - H85cm x W172cm xD72cm 

Footstools - H46cm x W40cm x D40cm 

These stools, whilst sturdy and comfortable to lounge on, can also be easily moved around to allow open access to the table. Open access to the table is often desired with this product due to its unique integrated ice bucket feature! We love this element of the table, it’s a real crowd pleaser when entertaining. Amazingly versatile, when you aren’t using the ice bucket, you can overlay your Lazy Susan - which is gifted free, if you purchase from us at Woodlark Garden Luxury today!

With its deep padded cushions, and high-end rattan design, the Oxford Corner with Ice Bucket and Rising Table is one of our favourites in the Maze Oxford Dining Set collection. 

The Oxford Corner and Armchair with Ice Bucket and Rising Table:

A small difference, but one that many people opt for with this Maze Oxford Corner sofa set, is adding the additional armchair! Making the seating 6-8 for the corner sofa, 3 on the stools and 1 on the chair. 

The armchair really helps to round out the vision and practicality of the dining set. With no other changes to the table, or the offering with the ice bucket, and Lazy Susan, this Oxford rattan Dining Set is available with or without the armchair. 


Oxford Maze Armchair Corner Sofa

Armchair dimensions:

H85cm x W68cm x D72cm 

The Oxford Royal Corner with Fire Pit Table:

Introducing the Fire Pit Table into this Maze Oxford Outdoor Living collection is the Oxford Royal Rattan sofa! This sofa comes either right or left cornered to fit perfectly into your outdoor space, and comparatively to the Oxford classic above, the Royal boasts two long 2-seater benches to round off the dining set. 

Not only that, but the Oxford Royal shape is slightly different to the Classic, with the classic forming a traditional corner shape, whereas the Royal curves into its corner shape. 

Oxford Royal Curve Corner Sofa Set

Similarly to the stools, the deep fitted, comfortable cushions provide for ultimate comfort across the 2-seater benches and the entire corner sofa. 

The star of this show is of course the centre feature fire table! With a hidden gas canister stored within the table, this fire table oozes luxury and boasts enjoyment for everyone. 

Always considering practicality in their designs, this Maze Oxford Fire Table can also be covered when not in use with a Lazy Susan for ultimate dining experience for yourselves and your guests. All Lazy Susan's are gifted free, if you buy from us today at Woodlark Garden Luxury.


The Royal Corner with Ice Bucket and Rising Table:

Of course this stunning Royal Corner Oxford Rattan comes with the Oxford Corner’s unique integrated Ice Bucket feature and rising table. Different to the Classic Oxford Corner, this set comes with two 2-seater benches rather than three individual stools. The rising table is a wonderful design allowing for more practical dining, and relaxed, casual lounging. 

As with all of the corner rattan sofa sets from Maze, this Royal Corner with Ice Bucket and Rising Table comes in either a left or right corner set. 


Dimensions: Royal Oxford Corner sofa set - recommended footprint 2.7m x 2.7m

Length of each sofa side - 227cm 

Curved corner piece - H88cm x W140cm x D75cm 

Benches - H34cm x L100cm x W43cm 

Rising table - H48/H70cm x W120cm x D120cm 

Fire pit table - H70cm x W120cm x D120cm 

Fire pit diameter - 60cm 

The Royal U-Shaped Oxford Rattan Sofa set with Fire Pit Table:

The absolute standout, and flagship piece of this Maze Oxford range is Royal U-shape sofa set. The U-shape dining set wraps and spas three sides of the central table, making for a strong feeling of togetherness and intimacy whilst dining. Seating as many as 15 people, this sofa set is the ultimate piece of garden dining furniture. 

Centered in the middle of this large dining table is an integrated circular fire pit. With a separate area inside the table to store the gas canister and pipe, the bright orange dancing flames and glass cut shavings are the only visible feature! And of course, as with this entire Maze Oxford Corner Sofa range, the fire pit space can easily be covered and topped with a Lazy Susan, to aid in the enjoyment and practicality of your dining experience. 

All Sofas purchased from us today, will come with a free, gifted Lazy Susan! 

For that extra boost of seating, the Royal U-shape also comes with a 2-seat bench, to finish off the look and usability of this Oxford dining set. 


The Royal U-Shaped Oxford Rattan Sofa set with Ice Bucket and Rising Table:

Last, but certainly but no means least…. is the Royal U-Shaped Oxford Rattan with the integrated ice bucket and rising table. With the only difference being the rising table, and integrated ice bucket, this royal U-shape sofa set really defines luxury lounging and entertaining. 


 Maze Oxford U Shape Corner with Rising Table


Dimensions: The Royal U-Shaped Oxford Rattan Sofa Set - recommended footprint 3.45m x 2.36m 

Length of each sofa side - 236cm 

Length along the back - 345cm 

Curved corner piece - H88cm x W154cm x D80cm 

Bench - H37cm x L100cm x W44cm 

Rising table - H48/H70cm x W136cm x D121cm 

Fire pit table - H70cm x W136cm x D121cm 

Fire pit diameter - 60cm 

Select the perfect Oxford Corner Set for you and buy today, from Woodlark Garden Luxury! 

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