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Maze Pergola - 3mx3m, 3mx4m, 4mx4m

by Maze
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You are about to spend more time in your garden.

Day or night, rain or shine - you’re going to want to be inside your Maze Pergola.

Living and entertaining outdoors unlocks a different level of enjoyment. The food tastes better, the wine glides down and the conversation just flows.

The more time you spend in your garden with the people you love, the more wonderful memories you'll have in 5 years’ time and the stronger those relationships will be.

With the Maze Pergola, it is always an absolute pleasure to be in your garden.

When there’s wind or rain about… It’s time to close your waterproof roof and pull your deluxe side blinds down. In seconds, you have a cosy enclosure that you won’t want to leave.

Glorious sunshine? Open up those louvres, and choose your perfect balance between sun and shade. Now pour another glass of wine, and enjoy!


Maze Pergola 3x3

The Maze Pergola comes with absolutely everything you need, to make your outdoor living dreams come true.

An adjustable vented louvre roof, a delightful sun spot or a waterproof enclosure!

At the top of your beautiful aluminium pergola, sits an exceptionally engineered vented louvre roof - creating the perfect bioclimatic pergola.

What does bioclimatic mean you ask? In simple terms, it means you now control the British weather!

Imagine you’re about to serve a BBQ masterpiece and the heavens open! There will be no mad dash inside for an anticlimactic dining room meal, you’ll simply close your Maze Pergola roof in seconds.

Your now fully waterproof pergola catches every drop of rain and drains it out of specially engineered channels within the aluminium legs. No water ends up inside the pergola, your food and guests stay completely dry and that BBQ meal you slaved over is enjoyed in exactly the way it was intended!


Maze Pergola 4x4


Perhaps next weekend you have the opposite problem, it’s 30 degrees and your guests are melting!

The aluminium vented louvre roof on your Maze Pergola rotates through a full 180 degrees. The balance of sun and shade is entirely at your control, you create your ideal environment, and then sit back with a cold glass of something delicious!


Maze Living Pergola


Deluxe pull down blinds on all 4 sides:

Unlike most aluminium pergolas, the Maze Pergola comes with deluxe pull down blinds on all 4 sides, at no extra cost!

Your deluxe zip blinds work independently and offer complete flexibility. They can be fully stowed away and unseen, allowing complete open air enjoyment or pulled down to the floor, creating that cosy outdoor enclosure.

On a windy day, simply pull down one or many of your deluxe blinds, giving you and your guests significant protection from the cold breeze and allowing you to bask in the full warmth of the sunshine.

When the sun has set and the fire’s been lit, pull all your deluxe blinds down and activate your outdoor “snug”. Not only do your blinds keep the cold air out, they keep the warm air in. No need to reluctantly head inside, this wonderful evening ends when you’re ready!


Maze Pergola 3x4


Built in LED lighting is the cherry on the cake!

When it comes to the Maze Pergola creating your dream outdoor ambiance, the built in LED lighting is the final piece of perfection.

Once again, unlike most aluminium pergolas, the Maze Pergola boasts built in LED lighting at no extra cost.

As the day rolls into night, it’s certainly not time to head indoors! It’s time to grab your remote, choose your favourite lighting colour, and set the mood for a truly wonderful evening.

Maze Rattan Pergola

Even more reasons you’ll love the Maze Pergola:

A simple hassle free assembly.

The Maze Pergola brings all the outdoor living transformation, with none of the stress. It can be easily self-assembled in just 2 hours - or we can do it for you! Spend absolutely no time worrying about building your aluminium pergola and instead focus on what you’re cooking for dinner on the bbq!

Wind resistant up to 120kmph.

We’ve all been there, a strong gust of wind and suddenly your parasol is inside out, and possibly on the other side of the garden!

That’s something you never have to worry about with your Maze Rattan Pergola. They are designed and tested to be fully wind resistant up to the very high speeds of 120kmph (the average wind speed in the UK is 16kmph).

A truly exceptional aluminium structure.

Nothing says luxury quite like the sleek beauty of aluminium. There’s a reason you’ll find aluminium pergolas in 5* hotels and top class restaurants, and that is because they elevate a space to the level of near fantasy! 

The Maze Pergola is the best way to bring that slice of luxury into your own garden.

Maze Grey Pergola With Sides


A variety of sizes to fit your space perfectly.

The Maze Pergola is ready for your patio, whatever size you require. The Maze pergola comes in the 3 standard sizes below, but if you need something a bit bigger, that’s no problem at all! Just give us a call and we will point you towards your perfect pergola, whether it’s 3m, 10m or anything in between!

Maze Pergola 3x3 (3m x 3m)

Maze Pergola 3x4 (3m x 4m)

Maze Pergola 4x4 (4m x 4m)

Need a different size? Give us a call! 020 3835 8311

A 2-year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Whilst it is extremely unlikely that you’ll need it, it's nice to know that your aluminium pergola comes complete with a 2 year warranty.

And remember! As with all our products, in the unlikely event that you don’t love your Maze Living Pergola, we organise everything related to the return, covering all the associated shipping costs and sorting out your refund.

It’s time for you to secure the dream outdoor living experience that you deserve. Hit the “add to cart” button at the top of the page, and we will quickly deliver your new Maze Pergola. 

It doesn’t get much more exciting than that!


Maze Pergola Instructions and Floorplan

Maze Pergola Instructions Manual

Maze Pergola Instructions (assembly)

 3x3 Pergola

Maze Pergola 3x3 Floorplan


3x4 Pergola

Maze Pergola 3x4 Floorplan


 4x4 Pergola

Maze Pergola 4x4 Floorplan

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