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Sound Leisure Dome Top Vinyl Jukebox


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Experience music like never before with a Sound Leisure Vinyl Jukebox, where cutting-edge technology meets timeless sophistication, delivering a symphony of sound that's nothing short of extraordinary.

Our Sound Leisure Jukeboxes are built bespoke.

With such a huge and emotional purchase, it needs to be yours and yours only. If you're anything like we think you are, your man cave has been designed with careful intent and passion. With every piece more significant and special than the last. You therefore need every element to tie together, and tell a story, your story. 

So book a design consultation with one of our team, and tell us what you need and what you want from your Vinyl Dome Top Jukebox



Everything is customisable, and nothing is off limits….

Do you have single play or long play discs? We can accommodate it all.

Do you want bubble-tubes going all the way around?

Sound Leisure Dome Top Vinyl Jukebox Front Side View

Or custom artwork gracing the top?


Sound Leisure Dome Top Vinyl Jukebox Front View

An oak finish, or a pop of colour?


Sound Leisure Color / Finish Options


Novelty coin operated system added for the real 1940s feel?

Sound Leisure Coin Mech


Of course, with a customisable product like this, we can’t give you a straight up price!
Therefore, please note the prices you see listed here are guide prices. Once you start working with a member of our design team, you’ll get a detailed understanding of cost of your jukebox.

Dimensions: H: 155cm, W: 83cm, D: 70cm, W: 130kg
Delivery Time: 8-12 weeks


Now you understand the process…. let us help you dream a little… read on, browse the photos, and click here to book a design call with our member of the team! 

Envision the lift arm with the grace of a conductor, carefully selecting a record from the storage rack, elegantly raising it, and expertly flipping it to unveil the perfect side on the turntable. This mesmerising spectacle transforms your luxury man cave into a realm of entertainment and fascination.

Whether at the jukebox or with the convenience of the infra-red remote control, you hold the reins of your musical journey. Adjust volume levels, select input sources, orchestrate dynamic lighting displays, indulge in shuffle modes, or seamlessly switch to standby mode—all at your fingertips.

The Sound Leisure Vinyl Jukebox is more than a music player; it's a testament to craftsmanship, an embodiment of elegance, and a reflection of your refined taste in life's finer pleasures.

Why You'll Love Your Sound Leisure Vinyl Jukebox:

Exquisite Craftsmanship:

  • Painstakingly handcrafted from a singular, flawless piece of solid wood.
  • All Sound Leisure Jukeboxes undergo rigorous testing before being approved for shipping. Having been in the Warehouse ourselves, and witnessing this testing space, speaking with the engineers, we have 100% confidence that your jukebox will arrive in perfect condition.


Sound Leisure Factory

P.S - This is one cool piece of kit!! ^

Effortless Entertainment Unleashed:

  • An autonomous jukebox—simply plug in and add your cherished records, and let the music take center stage!
  • Accommodating all types of vinyl records, depending on your preference. Whether you want single play or long play vinyl - your jukebox can do it all! 
  • Embrace the Direct Play mode, relishing records as if on a classic turntable.
  • The Sound Leisure S3-UNITY jukebox platform redefines simplicity in the world of jukebox technology.

Unrivalled Sonic Bliss:

  • Effortlessly stream your beloved music from your smartphone or mobile device via the built-in Bluetooth receiver.
  • The purpose-built SL-D4 jukebox amplifier guarantees an auditory experience like no other.
  • Dual autonomous stereo speaker channels grant you full control over jukebox and auxiliary speaker volumes.
  • Revel in the commanding 60-watt RMS per channel, delivering pristine clarity and depth.
  • Fine-tune your audio with Bass, Treble, and Mid EQ settings.
  • Activate the switchable Loudness settings for a bass boost at lower volumes.
  • Discover your inner star with the Microphone Input, featuring selectable 'Karaoke' or 'Voice Over' mode.
  • The Aux input welcomes connections from Sonos, Alexa, and other smart devices, elevating your jukebox's versatility.
  • Expand your auditory horizons effortlessly by connecting to external audio systems.
  • A bespoke speaker configuration boasting 2 ported 5" bass subwoofers and Focal full-range twin-channel high-quality drivers.

Pioneering Digital Advancements:

  • Take command with the infra-red remote control, effortlessly customising your jukebox experience.
  • Revel in the brilliance of the Diamond Pack LED Lighting, setting the perfect mood for your musical journey.
  • Embrace the convenience of the auto-dim LCD display, intelligently conserving energy.
  • Delight in the low-power 'sleep mode' and opt for the auto 'sleep mode' for durations ranging from 1 to 12 hours.

Warranty Assurance:

  • Enjoy a complimentary 12-month subscription to Sound Leisure's Label Magic Title Card printing software.
  • Rest easy with a 12-month standard warranty, ensuring your jukebox harmonises with your lifestyle.
  • Elevate your confidence further with the option to extend your warranty for up to 3 years, safeguarding your musical treasure for years to come.


    Easy Returns - Zero risk. Max Excitement

    We are confident you'll absolutely love your new product but on the rare chance that it's not quite right, we've got you covered. We cover every cost from return shipping to restocking.

    Need a hand? We'd love to help!

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