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Spot 2800W Heatscope Radiant Patio Heater

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Ensure that the cold never stops you from enjoying your outdoor space and making memories.

Imagine you've had a fantastic day, hosting the people you love in your garden. The drinks have been flowing, the bbq food was on point and there are smiles all round. The evening is just getting started, but the cold is setting in and people start reaching for the blankets rather than the gin.

The cold kills the enjoyment at the very best events, but our range of infrared heaters make sure that your guests never notice the cold, allowing you to continue making fantastic memories, late into the night!

Heatscope Radiant Heaters Are:

Super fast - waste no time shivering, the Spot heater reaches 100% heat output in as quick as 15 seconds and warmth is felt from the moment you turn it on

Keeps the whole group warm - the Spot heater has an average heating coverage area of 3.2m by 2.5m, large enough to comfortably heat 10+ guests around a dining table. So there's no need for your guests to crowd round the heater, they will all feel the warmth!

Real infrared -  All HEATSCOPE® design radiant heaters produce natural infrared heat in the (fast) mid-wave IR range. This means that the heat feels particularly pleasant and is effective exactly where it is needed – that’s directly under the first layers of skin, but not too deep in the tissue

Highly efficient Up to 94% of the energy used is turned into ambient heat and transferred directly to nearby people and surfaces for maximum efficiency. So there is minimal wasted energy felt by the environment or your energy bill

Weather resistant - All models are certified with an IP rating for protection against dust, splash-water, and wind.

2 year warranty - Our radiant heaters come with an industry leading two-year limited warranty, giving you complete peace of mind


Power / Current:2800W / 12.17A
Voltage:220-240 V AC ~ 50/60 Hz
Max Power In:15 sec
Radiant Efficiency:94%
Surface Temp:
Body Temp:
Filament Temp:
Colour Temp:
1550-1650 Kelvin
Visible Light:<600 Lumen


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