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20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)
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EcoSmart Fire Wharf 65 Bioethanol Fire Table

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The Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table - Hosting an exquisite evening with friends, or simply looking to delight in the company of your loved ones, the Wharf 65 Fire Table makes your outdoor space the perfect place to gather.

You’re at a rooftop bar in Madrid, or in the courtyard of a French chateau soaking in this one special night, drinking and chatting with friends, under the stars and around the fire table. The holiday is nearly over. 

You think to yourself, I wish we could always do this. 

Well, you can. Bring the EcoSmart Wharf 65 into your garden, and make your holiday dreams an everyday reality at home. 

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1x EcoSmart Fire Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table Cover worth £175

EcoSmart Fire Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table Cover

1x 40L of e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel worth £130 - enough for 160 hours of burning for your Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table

EcoSmart Fire Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table e-NRG Fuel

Why the Wharf 65 Bioethanol Fire Pit Table is going to make your outdoor living dreams come true.

This stunning Wharf 65 Fire Table, with its long and rectangular fire feature, is practical, safe and clean-burning. Making it the perfect centrepiece and garden feature. Anchoring your outdoor space, the Wharf 65’s colour palette will complement any backdrop.

Using bioethanol fuel, rather than gas, its real, elongated, deep orange, clean burning flames will dance all night long, with one 40 litre bottle of fuel, lasting 150 hours of burning time.

EcoSmart Wharf 65

Benefits of the Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table:

Safety first - Gold Standard.

The EcoSmart Fire Tables are designed with safety at heart. With the primary goal to provide the ultimate luxury experience at home, we know you need safety assurance.  

EcoSmart Fires are Gold Standard when it comes to safety. 

Due to the design and use of bioethanol fuel, which is stored in the Fire Tables reservoir, the flame remains dry, meaning the flame will extinguish if it comes into contact with anything or anyone. 

100% environmentally friendly, this fuel is clean burning and releases no harmful by-products.

So safe in fact, you can even have this Fire Table indoors, with the Wharf 65 Indoor Fire Pit Table

Fully compliant with building regulations and home insurance, the Wharf 65 Fire Table can be enjoyed indoors, as well as outside. The beauty of this bioethanol fire pit table is that it requires no ventilation and it produces no harmful biproducts like smoke.

There's no need to have an electric indoor fire pit/table. Enjoy a real flame with a completely clean burning alcohol fire pit - the Wharf 65 is perfect inside and out. 

Real flames, real heat, but the Wharf 65 is still a completely gasless fire pit

Giving the ambiance and tranquillity of any real burning fire, this Wharf 65 Fire table, one of the largest of our EcoSmart collection, fully heats a diameter of 60m2 with its rich orange, elegant flames. 

The Wharf 65’s elongated, real flames have a burn time of 8-13 hours, with the Fire Table reaching its maximum heat within 1-2 minutes of lighting. 

Wharf 65

Even More Reasons You'll Love The Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table

Adjust the height to fit your space perfectly

To ensure it's ideally suited for your space, this Wharf 65 comes with discreet height-adjustable feet so you can decide on the perfect level and height of your fire table.

Easy to install, easy to move

With no gas canister or pipes to consider, and no fear of turning a white wall black with smoke, this EcoSmart Wharf 65 Fire Table can be easily moved around your outdoor living space to complement your needs and desires, from one day to the next. 

All you need is a two-person team and you’re good to lift and shift!

The colour-pallette collection of dreams

This Wharf 65 Fire Table’s large and deep size and shape is composed of the very best Fluid-Concrete Finish, in a range of high-end colours perfectly crafted to complement the aesthetic of Outdoor living. Natural, Graphite, or Bone, the rich concrete oozes luxury. 

Of course, for an even further natural and chic look, the Wharf 65 table also comes in a premium teak wood finish. Deemed the most premium wood on the planet, teak is strong and durable. Containing natural oil, it repels water, stopping it from cracking, warping or turning brittle. Teak, by all definitions, is the perfect material for outdoor furniture, and we think, creates and completes an outstanding, and anchoring Fire Table design. 

EcoSmart Fire Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table


Fluid-concrete - the luxury finish of your dreams

This Wharf 65’s engineered style of concrete makes for a stunning, clean-looking and luxury finish that feels expensive. 

Not only does this material look amazing, but fluid-concrete is effortlessly robust and almost impossible to scratch or scuff.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today using the "add to cart" button above, and your outdoor space will be the picture of luxury very soon!

How to fill your EcoSmart Fire

How to start your EcoSmart Fire

EcoSmart Fire Wharf 65 Model Specifications

EcoSmart Fire Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table Instructions Manual

EcoSmart Fire Wharf 65 Fire Pit Table Specifications
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