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Are Aluminium Pergolas Any Good?

Are aluminium pergolas any good?

What's all the hype about? Are aluminium pergolas any good?

Aluminium Pergolas - I don’t know about you, but is feels like these appeared out of no where! Where were they 5 years ago and why are they growing more popular every day?

The shift towards outdoor living over the past few years has been monumental. Without going into the dreaded…. pandemic chat… we have, as a country, emerged out of the pandemic with far greater appreciation and desire for thriving in our outdoor space. Our homes are our hearts, and we are looking for ways to enhance our enjoyment and use our special corner of the world to make more memories with the ones we love. 

So what is it about an aluminium pergola that is so transformational? Read on to find out...

Aluminium Pergola Materials Assembled

A fast way to increase your living space!

Typically, if you want to increase your living space, you think of an extension. Planning permission, months of work, and some serious expense…

An 6m x 3m Aluminium Pergola can add a minimum of 200 square feet of space to your home, without any need for planning permission, erected in one day, and ok… still some expense, but nowhere near the amount required for an extension!

This extra space is certainly more versatile than an extension too. The Louvered roofs and optional deluxe blinds of these pergolas mean your pergola is there to aid and serve you, no matter the erratic English weather! It can be a cosy enclosed haven, or a sun spot for basking, and everything in between.

Aluminium pergola vs wood cost

You control the weather, you unlock peak hosting!

We’ve all been there, the mad dash inside. “You grab the cutlery; I’ll grab the condiments!” while poor old dad stays outside alone, beer in hand, to see his burgers and sausages all the way through to the end. If he’s lucky, someone brings out an umbrella. Now imagine this, the first rain drops, and instead of dashing inside, you simply rotate your louvered roof and you’re watertight. The cooking continues, the lounging carries on, and in 10 minutes time when the rain stops, the louvers re-open and you get to enjoy your wonderful outdoor meal.

Take this evening further, you’ve finished your meal and are lounging on the sofa, enjoying the evening breeze. But its cooling down and you reach for a blanket – someone suggests moving inside… No! Your pergola can be decked out with infrared heaters to ensure the night ends when you and your guests are ready!

Whilst we love the sunshine, but we are often in need of some protection. Especially for children, babies or even just to stop your guests from melting. Your pergola gives you complete control over how much sun or shade you'd like.

Aluminium pergola kits close up

Are aluminium pergolas good for protecting your furniture?

Personally, I’ve never really invested in really nice outdoor furniture. Why would I? It’s going to get wet and beaten up by the wind. I can’t accessorise with rugs, lighting or blankets so it’s easier to go simple… uncomfortable… short-term...

The louvered roof of your aluminium pergola grants you the ability to totally rethink your outdoor style. Accessorise! Put a rug down, have the side tables. Splash on some beautiful cushions that you can melt into without the fear or weather damage, or having to run outside and put them in a box every time a rain drop falls from the sky. Invest in some lifetime pieces that wont need replacing every few years, because you can. The deluxe blinds cover every side of your pergola making your entire space fully water and wind protected, if you should so wish!

How long do aluminium pergolas last?

So, how long can you expect to enjoy all of these fantastic aluminium pergola benefits for?

Well the great news is that a high quality aluminium pergola should last you a minimum of 10 years. Aluminium is a fantastic material, it requires such little maintenance, and it won't rust. The powder coating on the aluminium is UV resistant too, so that fantastic colour doesn't fade.

Ultimately, you can expect your aluminium pergola to look just as good in 10 years time, as it does today. And for extra peace of mind, most of our models come with a 5 year warranty!

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Here's why Stuart loves his...

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Check out Stuart's video review after he installed one of our aluminium pergolas onto the back of his house, and transformed his outdoor space!

So, what's the conclusion - are aluminium pergolas any good?

We touched on this at the start, but ultimately, a pergola is a lifestyle enhancement. Yes, the benefits are practical, and it serves a practical purpose. But that's not why we love them, we love them because they enable us to spend more time in our gardens with the people we love.

The opportunity for fully integrated indoor/outdoor living is a luxury we should all strive for. Being outside, in the fresh air, the sensory spikes of fresh trees, birds singing, it injects life into our daily routines.

Let’s remove those excuses to enjoy our gardens… it may rain… it’s too hot… I can’t buy those because they’ll get ruined. Build an outdoor scene that has no boundaries. Hot tub, Sofa Set, Fire Table, Dining table, Outdoor Kitchen? Let's give these a home underneath your aluminium pergola.

Ready to check out the widest range of aluminium pergolas on the UK market? Here it is:

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