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How Much Are Aluminium Pergolas?

What's the cost of aluminium pergolas? Here's the complete breakdown...

If you’re here with us on this particular article, it's probably because you’re interested in buying an aluminium pergola, and want to know how much it’s going to cost. If that's the case, you're in the right place - here is everything you need to know...

So how much do aluminium pergolas cost? You'd think it would be a relatively simple question wouldn't you!

Here at Woodlark Garden Luxury, we retail the widest range of aluminium pergolas in the UK, and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers so much choice, and the best chance of finding the perfect aluminium pergola for them, with price being one of many factors.

But we can also understand that as a customer who comes to us to look for a pergola, you see various different price tags ranging from £2,000 to +£12,000 and that can be confusing and overwhelming!

We want to break things down for you, and help you understand the different models, qualities, sizes and accessories – like heaters, louvered sides and blinds. Essentially all the components that determine the cost of your aluminium pergola.

After you've understand the cost, why not take our “Which is your perfect pergola? Quiz."

But, first things first, let's give you the answer you came here for. How much are aluminium pergolas?

Read on for a breakdown of the basic cost of each of our aluminium pergola brands and sizes. Remember – these are the basic costs… you’ll need to consider the cost of installation, and you may want to extra like sides, heaters or lighting to your pergola, but we’ll help you understand the cost of all of these as you go.

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Cost of aluminium pergolas wall mounted

How much are aluminium pergolas with a louvered roof - a rough view...

Size Price
3m x 3m £3000
3m x 4m £3600
5m x 3.6m £5000
6m x 3/3.6m £5500
7m+ £6000+
Cost of aluminium pergola headline image
*The above estimates are based on a high quality model, without any optional extras

A lot of factors will impact the above prices, for example whether you choose to add blinds, heaters, lighting, installation etc. and also the quality of the unit you choose. But these are a good rough guide...

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Suns Lifestyle Rota Louvered Cost
How much are aluminium pergolas near me example image

3m x 3m - £3000

4m x 3m - £3600

6m x 3m - £5000

Suns Lifestyle Maranza Cost
How much are aluminium pergola with roof example image

3m x 3m - £3250

3.6m x 3.6m - £4500

5.4m x 3.6m - £5500

Suns Lifestyle Alvaro Cost
How much are aluminium pergolas for sale Option 1

4m x 3.6m - £5000

6m x 3.6m - £7000

8m x 3.6m - £9000

What drives the variation in cost across the 3 Suns Lifestyle Aluminium Pergolas?

Looking at the cost overview for the three Suns Lifestyle aluminium pergolas above, you might be wondering why the significant price variations, for 3 similar looking models, from the same brand. Well there are some differences between the three models, which drive those price points, however what they all have in common is being a top quality, European manufactured aluminium pergola.

The Suns Lifestyle Rota Louvered is the base model if you like, and it is also the most popular - for the vast majority of customers, this is the way to go, in our opinion this is the best overall model on the market (striking a perfect balance between price and quality), but it does lack a couple of the additional touches which the Alvaro and Maranza do posess.

As you can see the Maranza is a very similar model to the Rota Louvered, but with one key difference. The Maranza posses a different louvered roof system design, allowing for multiple roof sections. On a 7.2m Maranza for example, you'd have four independently controlled roof sections, so you can choose your sun / shade balance in all those different zones. The added intricacy of those roof sections increases the cost.

And then there is the Alvaro. The king of all things aluminium pergola. If the Alvaro was a car, it would be the AMG, or the S Line. It's the sleekest, the sexiest, and the all round best finish. It's core functionality is no different to the Rota, it is simply an upgrade on the look and quality of the finish.

The Alvaro Aluminium Pergola is a masterpiece to look at. It’s grand and elegant frame is undeniably rich. This, combined with its enormous size range, makes it most popular with high end garden schemes. Typically, we see our Alvaro’s featuring at Golf Clubs, Spa’s, Outdoor entertainment Venues and the like. But that’s not to say it won’t be perfect for your at home outdoor living space!


The Nova Titan Cost
Aluminium Pergola Sale Nova Titan Close Up

3m x 3.6m - £2299

4m x 3m - £2500

6m x 3m - £3600

The Maze Pergola Cost
Aluminium Pergola B&Q Maze Pergola

3m x 3m - £3699

3.6m x 3.6m - £3999

5.4m x 3.6m - £4699

The Westminster Summit Cost
Custom Made Aluminium Pergola Example Image

3.6m x 3.6m - £3995

3m x 4m - £3995

6m x 3m - £9000

The difference in cost between Suns Lifestyle and the rest of the market

As you can see, there's also a slight difference in cost when you compare the Suns Lifestyle (market leaders) models, with the rest of the market.

Unlike the Suns Lifestyle, which is a European manufactured aluminium pergola, deliberately targeting the highest quality, the Maze Pergola and the Nova Titan, are aiming to make their aluminium pergolas slightly more price accessible.

The Nova Titan is our go to recommendation when customers are looking for a high quality unit on a tight budget.

Meanwhile the Maze is an interesting option, because it has all four side blinds and LED lighting included in the price. Therefore for customers looking to have all the extras, it's a very economical option.

The Westminster Summit is more directly comparable to the Suns. Some customers feel it has a slightly more modern look. In our balanced view we think the two are quite close in quality, but of course the Westminster Summit comes in slightly more expensive.

How Much Are Custom Made Aluminium Pergolas UK?

This is a question we often get asked. You'll notice that all of the pergolas we reference, come with a set size. That is because 95% of what we do is working with stock sizes, i.e pergolas which are manufactured to a set size. We cover a very wide array of sizes, which means we almost always have a pergola to suit your space, but sometimes there is a desire for very bespoke, to the millimetre sizing.

In this instance you'd be looking for a made to order, custom created pergola, which we can assist you with. These are always fantastic units, but it does take your aluminium pergola into a whole new price bracket, with custom units generally starting from a minimum of £15,000 for the smallest sizes, so you need to be very sure custom is what you want!

How much are aluminium pergolas comparison image

How much do aluminium pergolas cost when you add: Blinds, Louvered Sides, Heaters or Lighting?

Now you know the basic costs, we need to briefly cover the add-ons!

Deluxe blinds – If you want to make your pergola wind and waterproof, you’ll want to invest in some deluxe blinds with your pergola, to really create that enclosed space, perfect for indoor outdoor living. Depending on the model, side blinds tend to cost between £500-£700 per blind. A blind fits between a set of legs, so if you have a 4 legged pergola, you could have up to 4 blinds, and of course 6 blinds total on the 6 legged models.

Louvered Sides

Louvered sides are another popular add on, sometimes combined with the deluxe blinds. Unlike the deluxe blinds, which can be completely stowed away when the weather is good, or pulled down in the wind and rain - the louvered sides are in a fixed vented position. They therefore give some shelter from the wind and rain, but not complete protection. The louvered panels can cover whole sides, or just individual sections. They can be great for creating doorways or a design feature in front of a wall or fence.

Side panel costs vary from around £250-£450 for one panel (which covers 1/3 of a side) - generally to cover a full side can range anywhere from £750-£1400 depending on the model.

The Maze Pergola 

It's worth noting that the Maze Pergola comes with four deluxe blinds for all side of your pergola, as standard.

Infrared Heaters 

One of our favourite add ons to your aluminium pergola is infrared heating. These can be attached into the pergola itself, really adding to the amount of use you get out of the space. Your heating solution can be tailored to the square footage of your pergola, and can really increase the amount of time you spend outdoors with your friends and family.

On a 4 legged pergola, generally around £1200 is in the right ball park for infrared heating, whilst 6 legged pergolas are around £2400.

LED Lighting

This can be done fairly inexpensively and lots of customers actually do it themselves. Within most pergola units this should be achievable for certainly less than £1000, possibly less than £500.

How much are aluminium pergolas with blinds example image

How much is an aluminium pergola installation?

So, you know how much the pergola is going to cost you, along with ant add ons you might be after, what about actually having it installed?

There is less variance here in cost, but there are a few different options. Some manufacturers offer installation, and if you were to have it completed by Suns Lifestyle for example, it is generally around £600.

There is the option to DIY it, in which case your only costs will be giving up generally around half a day of your time and possibly bribing a friend with a beer or dinner to help you.

Finally, lots of customers have their installation completed by a local tradesperson of their choosing. Landscapers, handymen, builders, carpenters and more are able to install an aluminium pergola. Generally you're looking at around 1 days work for a 2 man team, which your tradesperson of choice could quote you for.

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