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Do you need planning permission for a pergola, table under pergola

Do you need planning permission for a pergola?

Pergola Planning Permission

What are the laws in the UK, and do you need planning permission for a pergola in England?

Simply put, no! (in the vast majority of cases) - our aluminium pergolas do not require any form of planning permission or council consultation.

If that’s enough said - don’t waste time reading on! Maybe head over to our Best Aluminium Pergola page to identify the perfect and best fit for you and your outdoor space.

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to keep reading to make sure you are 100% comfortable with your pergola and why you don’t need planning permission…

Planning permission refers to the process of approval required and given by your local authority, under the Town and Country Planning Act of 1948, ensuring any changes, adaptations or new construction of buildings and areas are in keeping with the area.

In the eyes of the council planning team a pergola is seen as a temporary structure. Therefore, it does not require planning permission, provided it is less than 2.5m in height and doesn’t occupy more than 50% of the outdoor space available.

All our pergolas fall within this 2.5m height restriction, making it a fully approved structure to erect and install without speaking with your local council or planning authority.

Planning Permission Pergola

Do you need planning permission for a pergola attached to your house?

Nope! The wonderful thing about aluminium pergolas is you get to add a minimum of 270 square feet to the back of your house without the need for any planning permission, or consultation with your local council. Providing the pergola is under 2.5m in height (which all our's are) and doesn't occupy more than 50% of your garden!

For how to install and attach the pergola to the back of your house, see our article here.

Do you need planning permission for a pergola with a roof?

Again - no! Our pergolas are designed to fit within the height and width restrictions, to ensure that whether it has a roof, or sides, your pergola can be freestanding or mounted to the back of your house without the need for any planning permission dramas!

Pergola next to fence

Do you need planning permission for a pergola in a conservation area?

If you live within a conservation area, World Heritage Site or even a National Park, you will need to contact your local council and or planning authority to discuss your plans to install a pergola. In many cases a full application for planning permission is not required.

The good news is, our aluminium pergolas are curated with the finest powder coated aluminium, blending and complimenting any and all environments and back drops, keeping conservation areas visually and aesthetically in tune with nature.

You may also be wondering what your neighbours might think…. How close to my neighbours boundary can I build a pergola? And how big can I build a pergola without council or neighbour approval?

Your neighbours will love your pergola, and they’ll love you for getting one, as ultimately, you’ll probably be leading them to do the same! Whether they are admiring your pergola from afar (peeping out a bedroom window), or are sharing in the delight of a sunny afternoon in the shade, or a rainy BBQ under the louvered roof, your neighbours and friends will be fond of your new addition. Non-imposing on their garden, space, or sunlight, there is no need to consult your neighbours, or your local council when you build/ have a pergola installed in your outdoor space.

If they have to fit under a certain height restriction, will the pergola be tall enough to go over windows and doors?

Yes! Designed by experts, your pergola height is made to fit perfectly above doors and windows of any standard house, and below the height restrictions for planning permission. Wondering what size to get? Check out our size guide here, on our Aluminium Pergolas Collection page to find the perfect size and model for you!

Aluminium pergola over bifolding doors

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