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How long do aluminium pergolas last?

How long do aluminium pergolas last?

As such a big purchase, you’re probably asking yourself “how long is this going last” and the great news is, aluminium pergolas are literally designed to last you upwards of 10 years.

Every element of these pergolas has been carefully crafted to ensure you and your pergola will have a long and happy life together! To browse our amazing collection of elite aluminium pergola models, head to our Aluminium Pergolas collection page.

What if I move house?

Aluminium pergolas are true hybrids when it comes to being permanent. They are installed into solid (usually concrete) footings, making them completely robust, solid, firm and fully fitted to the ground, the best models are wind resistant up to as much as 120kmph (that’s a lot of wind!)

However, should you choose to relocate either yourselves or your pergola, it couldn’t be easier. Easily deconstructed, the pergola becomes lightweight and easy to manoeuvre for re-installation elsewhere. Your pergola is therefore not bound to any one home, and it can stay with you for years to come, should you move around.

For a detailed overview of how to install your aluminium pergola, you’ll want to read our article and watch our videos.


All top quality aluminium pergolas come with a minimum of a five-year warranty. However, quality models have consistently proved to last 10 years or more, and here at Woodlark Garden Luxury we only partner with the supreme manufacturers who we know make longstanding aluminium pergolas. 

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Built to last

Aluminium powder coating frames make for the perfect outdoor product.

UV Resistant

Fully UV resistant, the aluminium coated structures remain cool when in the sun and prevent any fading or wear on the aluminium finish. Your pergola will stay bright and sharp for its lifetime.

Water resistant

The aluminium pergola frames are 100% water resistant, preventing any rusting, water damage or swelling of the structure. So whether you choose a white or anthracite grey model, you will never need to worry about rust or discolouration of your pergola.

No Scratches

Very tough to scratch! The aluminium powder coated finish does its very best to protect from scratches, leaving your structure looking sleek and elegant. And if you do get a couple of scratches over time, these can be touched in and made to disappear with aluminium paint to match your chosen colour.

Does it require a lot of maintenance?

So, if it’s a long-lasting model, what’s the catch? With aluminium pergolas there isn’t one. Leave the jet wash in the garage and get yourself a cloth with some soapy water every few months and your pergola will be good as new. 

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Great Value For Money

With the ability to customise your pergola with blinds, infrared heaters and louvered sides, alongside the louvered roofs, your pergola can be used all year round. Creating a watertight warm space during the winter months, or an open-air cooling zone in the summer. Don’t just think of how many summers your pergola will be good for, think of it in terms of years! An £8,000 pergola across 10 years – you’ve spent over £2 a day on your pergola!

Will a wooden pergola last longer?

The simple answer is no. Wood pergolas are higher maintenance and decay quicker than aluminium. For an in-depth comparison, read our Aluminium pergolas vs wood article, which highlights the comparisons and differences in more detail, over and above longevity of the product.

If you’re still not convinced on aluminium as a structure, you can also head over to our blog post Aluminium Pergolas pros and cons for a balanced view of the model.

If we have confirmed in your mind that aluminum pergolas are the way to go – you’ll be wanting to narrow down your search for the right pergola for you!

There is no better place to do this than our Best Aluminium Pergolas page, which will guide you towards the perfect aluminium pergola for your outdoor space, so you can begin living your indoor/outdoor dreams. 

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