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Aluminium Pergola with Tub Inside with grass garden

Can you put a pergola next to a fence in the UK?

So, you’re considering upgrading your outdoor space with a pergola, great choice! We are experts when it comes to aluminium pergolas, having installed hundreds, and so if you’d like a consultation, just give us a call on 020 3835 8311.

Planning permission / regulations is a question most people have when considering a pergola. If you’d like a full breakdown of the UK planning regs where pergolas are concerned, check out our full guide – do you need planning permission for a pergola?

Can you build a pergola next to a fence in UK?

Aluminium Pergola Beside a Brown Fence

The simple answer is yes.

You can install your pergola next to a fence in 99% of cases

We cite one key planning regulation when it comes to planning permission for pergolas:

You can install a pergola with no planning permission, provided it is 2.5m tall, or less.

This is the ideal rule of thumb. Even though most pergolas are pretty permanent, planning regulations still see them as temporary structures, and so you can install a pergola right up against a fence, as long as it doesn’t exceed 2.5m in height.

The vast majority of pergolas, particularly aluminium pergolas, are built to 2.5m high for exactly this reason.

One exception will often be hard top roof gazebos / pergolas, generally these do exceed the 2.5m height requirement, and thus shouldn’t be positioned next to a boundary (although we see it happen all the time), spend enough time around pergolas, and you’ll be able to tell when the neighbours have broken the 2.5m rule!

Aluminium Pergola with Tub Inside with grass garden

Within 2m of a fence / boundary

If you’re installing your pergola within 2m of a boundary in any direction, you have to adhere to the 2.5m, which makes sense. Within 2m of the boundary is where your pergola will be most imposing to your neighbour.

Like I say, most high-quality aluminium pergolas are built to be 2.5m high, so if you’re looking at one of ours, then you can put planning out your mind. (unless you live in a conservation area or a listed building)

Aluminium Pergola with Blinds Down

More than 2m from the fence / boundary

If you’re installing your pergola more than 2m from the fence, or any boundary you share, then the height requirements relax. You can then go up as high as 3m with your pergola, worth baring in mind if you are getting a custom-built pergola!

I’m sure we don’t need to tell you, but common courtesy still applies!

If your pergola is 2.5m or less, you can pretty much position it where you please in your garden, but it goes without saying, that a courtesy FYI to the neighbours may sometimes be the right thing to do.

There is no doubt that a high-quality aluminium pergola has massive aesthetic appeal and so that shouldn’t be a concern. If you go for a louvered roof option, they let loads of natural light through when open, so that’s no issue. And with proper installation, a high-quality aluminium pergola is wind resistant up to 120kmph (very safe and secure).

So just an FYI is to your neighbours is all you’ll need. You may well have to deal with some jealousy once it is in too!

Aluminium Pergola with Sofa Set

The exceptions to the rule

Sigh, there’s always an exception isn’t there. That exception in this case is if you live in a conservation area, or a listed building. In this case you’ll be required to apply for planning permission for your pergola.

You also need planning permission if you plan to install your pergola at the front of your house.

So, if any of those apply to you, just be aware!

Aluminium Pergola with Tub

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