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20% off EcoSmart Fires (Ends Sunday)
Aluminium Pergola With Sofa Set

Does a pergola add value to your house?

If you install a pergola in your outdoor living space, and plan to leave it behind when you move house, then of course, as with any elevated design feature your pergola will certainly add a ‘value for money’ aspect to the sale of your property. Similarly, to a beautifully landscaped garden, or newly fitted kitchen, if you are visually or physically increasing usable living or entertaining space, this will be beneficial when agents are pricing your home.

Most people however will take their pergolas with them! Once you go pergola… you never go back!

The aluminium pergola is simple and easy to install and de-install, making it highly feasible to move from one property to another. Not convinced? Head over to our “How to Install Your Aluminium Pergola” to see just how easy this is.

But taking your pergola still allows for your prospective property buyers to see how the outdoor living space of your property can be used, and the value and enjoyment the area brings, generating positive feeling towards the property! So, it’s a win-win and will certainly reel in your buyers to envision the lifestyle they could have!

Aluminium Pergola with Dining Table

What about the value to you?

Outdoor Kitchen & Dining

How do you fancy being able to cook and eat outside without the worries of the ups and downs of the weather? At Woodlark Garden Luxury, we love seeing our clients have not only indoor kitchens, but outdoor kitchens too. All made possible by the Aluminium Pergola it lives under!

Taking the kitchen one step further – outdoor bars! Entertaining friends and family can be elevated with your outdoor kitchen and bar area, without any fear or disruption with our aluminium pergola.

If you’re interested in how you can pair your aluminium pergola with an outdoor kitchen, have a look at our outdoor kitchen collection.

Aluminium Pergola with Dining Table

Outdoor Lounging

Snuggle up around the fire on your dry sofa and blankets. A luxury that we don’t often get to experience in the UK. Short and unpredictable summers can reduce your garden or outdoor living space usage significantly. But outdoor living doesn’t have to be few and far between…

For the perfect furniture for under your new pergola, our stunning range of Alexander Rose Luxury furniture are a match made in heaven with these Grey, powder coated Aluminium Pergolas!

Aluminium Pergola Outdoor Lounge

A hot tub moment!

Ever had plans with friends for an evening under the stars with a bottle of wine? Scuppered by the…. You guessed it… RAIN!

Whether its and early morning, or late-night dip, being able to relax and enjoy your hot tub at any time of day is an invaluable treat. Getting more use of your hot tub, and more enjoyment for yourself and your friends!

Convinced a pergola is going to bring ample value to your home and yourselves? Head straight over to our Best Aluminium Pergola collection page to find out which of our pergolas is perfect for you and your outdoor living space!

Aluminium Pergola with Tub and High Table
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