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Pergola Kit With Sofa Set

Are pergola kits worth it?


When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our outdoor spaces, pergolas have long been a popular choice.

These versatile structures are undoubtedly a stunning addition to any outdoor space, providing shade, architectural interest, and a sophisticated, yet comfortable and cosy area for relaxation or entertainment.

However, the decision to install a pergola often comes with multiple considerations, one of them being whether to opt for pre-made ‘kits’ (a posh way of saying flat-pack with all the trimmings or off the shelf)! or embark on a custom build (a softer way of saying unique and made to measure, but expensive)!

Pergola kits come in different materials such as wood, vinyl, and aluminium.

The cost of the kit will depend on the material chosen. While wood and vinyl kits are generally more affordable initially, aluminium pergolas tend to be pricier due to their durability and sleek aesthetic appeal.

Stick with us while we go through the Pros and Cons of Building from Scratch vs. Using a Pergola Kit. 

Pergola Kit With Black Sofa

Are Pergola Kits a Budget-Friendly Option?

Naturally, one of first things customers consider when thinking about installing a pergola is the cost. How much do I need to spend?

While custom-built pergolas can offer endless personalised and tailored possibilities, they can be quite expensive. With the need for bespoke design, materials, unique labour, and installation time.

Despite their name – pergola kits, which let’s be honest, we all think sounds a bit… basic, present an enticing alternative that is often far more budget friendly, resulting in an almost identical structure that you’ll love.

And all we really mean when we say ‘pergola kit’ is a structure that comes in pre-cut, stock sizes, delivered to your door with all the parts to be installed in one go along with detailed instructions to simplify the process.

Pergola Kit With Dining Set

Do Pergola Kits Save Money in the Long Run?

So, they may be cost-effective at the start, but what about over time? Typically, we view the “off-the-shelf” option as a shorter-term purchase. Think Ikea set of draws, vs. custom-built oak dresser…

That’s not the case here.

Pergola kits are designed with durability in mind and include high-quality materials that can withstand various weather conditions without requiring frequent maintenance or repairs.

Additionally, these kits can help reduce any future costs associated with design mistakes or miscalculations during construction since they come with comprehensive instructions that guide even novice builders through each step.

Pergola Kit With Tub

So, should you opt for a pergola kit?

When it comes to an aluminium pergola - yes. It is a no brainer, truthfully I think it would be mad to try and build your own aluminium pergola, it's just not going to be cost or time effective.

When it comes to vinyl or wood, it is more complex. No doubt a kit is the easiest way to go, and you could still get a "customised kit" so you still have a decent amount of control over the design.

Really I would only go for the option of building your own pergola if you want to enjoy that part of the process. If you just want the cheapest and easiest way to the end result, go with a cut. If you want the pride of creating it, dive in!

Aluminium Pergola with Sofa Set
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