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Aluminium Pergola with Sofa and Dinig Set

The pros and cons of an aluminium pergola

So you’re considering an aluminium pergola, and you’re wondering what are the pros and cons of transforming your outdoor space with a louvered structure?

Perhaps you’re also considering the merits of a wooden pergola, an awning or even a steel option. Well, if that’s the case, this article has everything you’ll need. We are the complete nerds when it comes to pergolas, and so feel free to benefit from all our expertise below, or just give us a call on 020 3835 8311, and pick our brains!

The pros of an aluminium pergola

1. You create a truly flexible outdoor living space, that you can enjoy whatever the weather, all year round, allowing you to spend more time outdoors, creating memories with the people you love. 

Aluminium pergolas come with adjustable louvered roof systems. This means that you can choose between basking in the sunshine, your perfect amount of shade, or waterproof, within seconds. They are exceptionally engineered to maximise sunlight in the good weather, and ensure complete protection in the rain, draining the water into reservoirs away from your entertaining space.

If you want the perfect outdoor haven, an aluminium pergola is the way.

Aluminium Pergola

2. Durable and Robust

There is nothing worse than a heavy wind busting your parasol, or desperately trying to weigh down a canvas canopy. aluminium pergolas are fixed down to your patio/decking and are immovable structures, wind resistant up to 120kmph. They are proper high-quality structures that withstand all weather conditions to extend your living space. The high-grade aluminium is powder coated to ensure it doesn’t fade in the sun light, there will be no rust, or decay like with wood, simply a structure that stands proud for 10 years+.

3. Customisable

To become your dream entertaining space. You’ll have a vision of how you want to spend time in your garden, and your aluminium pergola can be customised to suit that. It might be that you want an ultimate grilling and dining area. You might want an outdoor room that runs seamlessly off the back of the house, with blinds on all sides and patio heaters, creating a cosy outdoor shelter. You might want a fire pit and LED lighting, perfect for entertaining and ambiance. Whatever it is you dream of doing in your garden, your pergola can be customised for it.

Aluminium Pergola With Pool

4. Exceptional aesthetic 

High quality aluminium pergolas are a thing of absolutely beauty, and no doubt absolutely transform the back of your house / outdoor space. There is a reason you’ll commonly find them on the back of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world, they add pure class.

5. Low maintenance

No rust, no decay, no fading – they are easy to look after and require almost no aftercare. Just give them a washdown after winter with some soapy water and they will look 10/10 for many years! No relentless jet washing and chemical treating like with a wooden pergola for example.

Aluminium Pergola with Sofa Set

6. Cost effective over their life-time

A high quality aluminium pergola should last you a minimum of 10 years, and they should still be looking fantastic 10 years on. The aluminium powder coating protects from colour fading in the Sun, and aluminium is a rust free, low maintenance material. So if you opt for a £5000 high quality aluminium pergola, you can expect to get plenty of value out of it. If you enjoy it for 10 years, that’s £40 a month – not a bad price to spend more time enjoying your garden with the people you love. You might be wondering if your aluminium pergola is an investment in your home, if so, check out our article here – “does
an aluminium pergola add value to your home."

7. A simple, one off installation

When installing and aluminium pergola, you do it once, you do it right, and then you never worry about it again. It’s not like a wooden pergola, requiring frequent repair and remedial works, or a cheaper steel model, that will struggle to withstand the harsh weather conditions of winter. Your aluminium pergola can be installed on patio, decking or even a grass area (with the right footings) and then it’s a permanent fixture in your home.

Aluminium Pergola White with Garden

The cons of an aluminium pergola

1. A very modern look, not always suitable for more rustic spaces

For many, the sleek, modern design of an aluminium pergola is of great allure. However, in certain spaces, it simply won’t be the right fit. Sometimes the juxtaposition of modern and classic side by side can be fantastic, and there are other times when that 15th century property just needs something more sensitive, like a more earthy wooden pergola.

Aluminium Pergola with Sofa set

2. Can be a greater upfront cost

Generally wooden and aluminium structures are fairly comparable in price, depending on the model, however the wooden pergola will require more maintenance and repair work, exceeding the total cost of aluminium in the long term. There is no doubt that a steel or vinyl pergola will be far more budget friendly, compared to aluminium. This is of course reflected in the quality of product and its longevity.

3. A less customisable design

Now you can certainly customise the functionality of your aluminium pergola, heaters, side blinds, wall mounting etc. However the design itself will stay fairly consistent. If you’re looking for something a little more unique and ornate, wood is the way to go. For those customers that want something truly one of a kind, having a wooden pergola design and carved, choosing every inch of the detailing, is the best method.

Aluminium Pergola Mounted on a House

4. Less well suited for growing climbing plants

This was a big part of the original purpose of a pergola! Vines and flowers weaving and climbing their way up and over your pergola was the primary goal. Now of course we see our pergolas as entertaining spaces, places to enjoy our gardens with the people we love. And whilst you could certainly grow up the side of your pergola, you wouldn’t want these plants interfering with the mechanics of your weatherproof roof. So if you’re primarily after a pergola to satisfy your green fingers, wood is the way to go!

5. Must have proper groundworks

This is true of any permanent pergola structure. Wood, aluminium, a hard top gazebo – if they are going to stand ever present, they need suitable solid footings. However, if something more temporary will do the job, grabbing the pop up gazebo out the shed from time to time and pegging it into the ground will save a full installation.

Aluminium Pergola with Sofa Set

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