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Aluminium Pergola on Deck

Can a pergola be attached to a deck?

Is your deck suitable for an aluminium pergola?

Contemplating the addition of an aluminium pergola to your deck? In that case it's vital to determine whether your deck is suitable for your aluminium pergola. Let's walk you through that in the next 2 minutes.

Aluminium Pergola on Deck

Check the size and weight

First and foremost, let's consider your decking dimensions and layout. Measure up the available space and then choose an aluminium pergola that fits that area.

Once you've chosen your model and size, you'll want to check with the relevant professional that your deck can bear the weight of your pergola. This is generally around 250kg, but of course that weight is more concentrated on the load bearing legs. Ordinarily, aluminium is the best material for your pergola if it's going on a deck, because it has the best balance between lightweight and strong.

Aluminium Pergola on Deck

Consider the footings and anchoring

You need to consider how your pergola is going to be anchored into the ground, to ensure its durability.

This entails the installation of footings beneath each leg of your aluminium pergola, for the footplates to be attached to during installation. Grab the floorplan specific to your chosen pergola model (we can readily provide these for our pergolas) and share it with the professionals tasked with laying the footings under the pergola legs, whether that is under and existing deck, or one yet to be built.

Often a decking will have timber struts underneath it for support. If there already fall under the location of the pergola legs, you're ready to go. If not, the easiest way is generally to add some additional supporting timbers under the leg positions. Concrete footings can also be used like under patio if that suits.

If it is a new deck, build it with the pergola in mind. Avoid the common pitfall of leaving the pergola decision to the end. While it may seem tempting to get the deck sorted and then contemplate the pergola, this approach can lead to complications later on.

Instead, begin by selecting your model of choice, grab the floorplan, and build your deck with the pergola in mind, so it all goes nice and smoothly!

Aluminium Pergola on Deck

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