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Aluminium Pergola on a Sunny Weather

Which way should your pergola face?

A primary motivation behind installing an aluminium pergola often revolves around the desire to carve out a cool, shaded retreat in your backyard for those scorching, sun-soaked days. Pergolas excel in fulfilling this purpose, crafting a cozy haven where you can unwind without being at the mercy of the elements. However, the strategic placement of this structure can significantly influence whether it serves as an all-day sun blocker or merely offers respite during the sun's peak hours.

Aluminium Pergola On a Sunny Weather

It's essential to contemplate the trajectory of sunlight in your garden throughout the day and pinpoint the moments when you're most likely to seek refuge in this space. This thoughtful consideration will guide you in selecting the optimal location, whether your aim is to bask in abundant sunshine or relish ample shade precisely when you need it most. Generally, the ideal orientation for your aluminium pergola would be one that targets the mid-to-late afternoon sun since that's typically when shade is in highest demand.

Aluminium Pergola Top View

For homes graced with bifold doors, a modern aluminium pergola emerges as a fantastic choice. This versatile addition not only curtails excess light and glare within your living space but also helps maintain a cooler environment during sweltering summer months. Particularly favored for south and west-facing gardens, a pergola extends its welcoming embrace, providing shade and sanctuary while seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor realms when your doors swing open. For added flexibility, you can opt for a wall-mounted pergola, such as the Alvaro louvered pergola, which, when elevated to the proper height, can eliminate the need for central support legs in favor of wall-mounted brackets, preserving the openness and scenic views of your garden.

White Aluminium Pergola with Beautiful View at the Garden

While louvered pergolas equipped with open blinds can provide a degree of shade, they may fall short of the shelter provided by a solid roof. When positioning the rafters, it's advisable to align them north to south to maximize shading, as opposed to east-west placement. However, the optimal configuration should be tailored to your specific property, and for personalized guidance on orientation, don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team. Additionally, our seasoned installation crew stands ready to offer on-site advice should you require it. Alternatively, if your outdoor space endures prolonged exposure to intense sunlight during the day, you might consider opting for a pergola equipped with side panels to augment the shade provided.

White Aluminium Pergola beside the Pool

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