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Aluminium Pergola Attached to the House

Can a pergola be attached to the house?

Attaching a pergola to your house, or having a “wall mounted pergola” is exactly as it sounds. Essentially, your Aluminium Pergola is fixed to the back of your house. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no supporting legs on the house side, although that is often an option.

Generally customers are primarily interested in attaching their pergola to the back of their house, because they want to create a perfect indoor-outdoor living space, flowing directly from house to garden, creating a perfect entertainment zone on their patio, no matter the weather.

Aluminium Pergola White Attached to the House

When attaching a pergola to your house is the right move?

Opting for a wall-mounted Aluminium Pergola offers unique advantages in specific situations, ensuring a seamless indoor-outdoor transition:

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living:

When your aim is to forge a fluid connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces, a wall-mounted aluminium pergola is the ideal choice. It acts as a natural extension of your home, creating a harmonious flow from your home, into the garden. This configuration empowers you to effortlessly shift between the two areas, it’s a complete dream for hosting.

Aluminium Pergola Attached to the House

Cozy Shelter with Encompassing Blinds

If you're envisioning an inviting outdoor haven, enveloped by all-encompassing side blinds, a wall-mounted pergola is your go-to solution. It securely attaches to your house's exterior, and when the weather is great, it is open and airy, with the option for sun and shade. But when the wind or rain come, it delivers a sheltered and intimate setting for relaxation, dining, or social gatherings. You can now enjoy your garden in all weather conditions, with complete privacy.

Aluminium Pergola Attached to the House

Unobstructed Windows and Doors

Aluminium pergolas need supporting legs, but sometimes that can compromise views or access from any windows or doors on the back of your house. Afterall, seamless indoor outdoor living requires a connection between then inside and out, often through glass, and it’s fair to say a pergola leg spoils that a touch.

This is when wall mounting is your best friend. Mount that pergola onto the house, and use that support to offer the stability required, removing the need for obstructing supporting legs.

Aluminium Pergola with Sofa Set

What might stop you from being able to attach your pergola to your house

There are a few factors that might prevent you from attaching your beloved pergola to your house. First and foremost, the structure of your house plays a crucial role.

If your house is made of lightweight materials like wood or vinyl siding, it may not be able to support the weight and pressure that comes with attaching a pergola. In such cases, it's best to consult with a professional engineer or contractor to determine whether any reinforcements can be made to ensure that your pergola can be mounted successfully.

Brickwork is best when it comes to mounting, and so any cladding, soffits in the area where the roof beam will go can cause a problem. As a general rule, you want at least 25cm (height) of solid brickwork above the doors and windows on the back of your house, to mount that roof beam to.

The roof beam needs to sit flush against the house for the entire width. And so anything else that would impede the attachment of the roof beam on to the exterior walls of your house is a problem. For instance, electrical outlets, vents, soffit, guttering, alarms etc. These things are often simple to relocate in order to allow wall mounting.

Aluminium Pergola Attached to the House

The best way to attach your pergola to the house

The primary way to attach your Aluminium Pergola to your house involves affixing it using wall-mounted brackets.

Additionally, we recommend incorporating flashing, a waterproof material utilised to seal the connections between the pergola and your home. Ensure it's applied over the bolts. This safeguards against any potential water infiltration into your home or from running down the back of your house.

For a smooth, unobstructed view from indoors to outdoors, it's often possible to remove the supporting legs on the house side, creating a seamless indoor outdoor set up.

Aluminium Pergola Attached to the House

Feel free to get in touch

If you’re unsure whether your home is suitable for installing a wall mounted aluminium pergola, the best thing is to ask the experts.

Feel free to give us a call on 020 3835 8311, or send an email to – one of our experts will advise you!

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