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Aluminium Pergola Outdoor Attached to House

Can a pergola be freestanding? Or does it need to be attached to the house?

What is a freestanding pergola?

A freestanding pergola, also known as standalone, stands without attaching to any walls or structures. Aluminium Pergolas are very frequently freestanding.

Installation is a breeze since they don't need complex attachments or modifications to existing structures. They're DIY-friendly and add both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space, creating a new focal point in your garden or patio.

Aluminium Freestanding Pergola

What is a wall mounted pergola?

A wall mounted pergola, also known as an attached pergola, is a structure that is directly fixed to the side of a building or structure, such as your house, a wall or a garage. Instead of standing on its own like a freestanding pergola, it relies on the support and stability of the existing structure.

This type of pergola is commonly used when you want to create a seamless transition between your outdoor living area and your home. By attaching the pergola to a wall, you can extend your living space while maximizing the use of your outdoor area.

One other advantage of a wall mounted pergola is that it provides additional structural support and stability compared to freestanding ones. Since it leans against an existing wall, it gains extra strength while being less reliant on posts and beams for stability. This can allow you to remove some of the legs (particularly on the wall side) which works brilliantly if you have windows, bifolding doors etc. in the pergola area.

Aliminium Wall Mounted Pergola

When is a freestanding pergola best?

Having a freestanding Aluminium Pergola offers several advantages over an attached one, especially in specific scenarios. Here are some situations where a freestanding pergola shines:

Over a Hot Tub

When you're aiming to create a serene and private hot tub oasis, a freestanding aluminium pergola is ideal. Placing it away from the house allows for a secluded retreat where you can unwind. The pergola provides the perfect balance of shade and open sky for a relaxing soak, and can also protect you from the rain whilst you tub.

Aluminium Pergola with Tub

Outdoor Cooking Haven

If you're a grill master or love outdoor cooking, a freestanding pergola over your cooking area is a fantastic choice. It provides ample shade and protection from the elements while you prepare delicious meals. You won't be confined to a small patio space, allowing you to have a dedicated outdoor kitchen zone. We’ve all been there, you’re cooking up a masterpiece and you feel the first drop of rain. You either grill in the rain or finish it off in the kitchen, both suck. With your aluminium pergola over your cooking area, you’ll be protected for the rain in one quick adjustment of the roof.

Aluminium Pergola Oudoor Cooking

Creating a New Garden Zone

Transforming your garden or yard into distinct zones is easier with a freestanding pergola. It serves as an attractive boundary or transition point between different garden areas. You can use it to mark the entrance to a new garden zone, such as a tranquil reading nook or a vibrant flower bed.

Aluminium Pergola with Garden

Shading Remote Areas

Sometimes, you may have a favourite spot in your yard that's far from the house but lacks shade. A freestanding aluminium pergola can be strategically placed to provide shade and create a comfortable outdoor retreat in these remote areas. It lets you enjoy your entire yard without feeling tethered to the house.

In these scenarios, a freestanding aluminium pergola offers flexibility, privacy, and the opportunity to create dedicated outdoor spaces that enhance your lifestyle and enjoyment of your outdoor area.

Aluminium Pergola Blinds Down

When might you need to attach your pergola to the house?

A wall mounted Aluminium Pergola can be the perfect choice in specific situations where a seamless indoor-outdoor transition is desired.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

When your goal is to create a harmonious flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces, an attached aluminium pergola shines. It acts as a natural extension of your home, providing continuity from your living space to your garden. This setup allows you to seamlessly move between the two areas, making it ideal for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors while still feeling connected to your home.

Aluminium Pergola Oudoor with Dining Set

Cosy Shelter with Side Blinds

If you envision a cozy outdoor shelter with all-around side blinds, an attached pergola is the way to go. It can be affixed to the back of your house, offering a sheltered and intimate space for relaxation, dining, or gatherings. Side blinds can be easily added for extra privacy and protection from the elements, creating a versatile and inviting indoor-outdoor space.

Aluminium Pergola Side Blinds Down

Support Without Obstruction

When you want to avoid obstructing windows, bifold doors, or other elements, an attached aluminium pergola is the solution. By attaching it securely to your house, you can eliminate some supporting legs that might otherwise block views or access. This smart design choice ensures that your pergola integrates seamlessly with your home's existing structure while providing the desired shade and shelter.

In these scenarios, a wall mounted aluminium pergola is the way to go. 

Wall Mounted Aluminium Pergola

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